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The Ultimate List of Free Developer Tools

Whether you’re a developer newbie, or you’ve been in the game for a while, these free programming tools and resources are awesome to have in your back pocket.


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One Less Thing for E-Commerce Developers to Code This Holiday Season

Finding a cool tech gift for the developer on your list is hard enough, yet alone figuring out what they want in their world of coding.

At PactSafe, we spend a large amount of our time thinking about this. The fact of the matter is that no matter how cool a software idea is, if implementation is a hassle—developers are not going to be sprinting towards adoption.

See what shortcuts developers were taking last holiday season. 

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Hey, Developers! PactSafe just got easier to integrate.

The core of our customer base are developers at companies of all sizes—they are the folks in the trenches writing the code that businesses rely on for all sorts of business purposes. That's why making PactSafe easy to integrate has been a huge focus for us from day one. Today, I'm excited to announce that we've taken huge strides to make those integrations even easier with the launch of our Node.js SDK and Java SDK, an OAuth 2 authorization flow, and the Beta release of our PactSafe for Zapier integration.

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Here's what developers need to know about digital legal record keeping

Lately, we have been encouraging lawyers and companies to check, double check, and re-check their privacy policies and terms of service to make sure they are enforceable.

And that is extremely vital when working to protect your interests while maintaining your reputation as an honest, trustworthy, customer-friendly company. (Have no clue what I’m talking about? Read it again!)

But rest assured, we have not forgotten the developers; the crux of the operation that make digital businesses a reality!

Below are tips for developers on designing website terms of service, terms of use, and terms and conditions. All of the terms! Check it out.

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Website Legal Agreements - Most Sites are Doing it Wrong

Website Legal Agreements come in lots of forms - Terms of Use, Service Agreements, Disclaimers...and many more. Nearly every website has some form of legal agreement - which means that most site owners, their developers, and their lawyers realize the importance of using the right website legal agreements.

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Welcome to The PactSafe Blog!

PactSafe is redefining the way website legal agreements are implemented on sites, managed by site owners...and lots more. During our initial development, and continuing on after our launch, we'll be blogging here about lots of stuff, including:

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