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PactSafe is Hiring! Now: Account Executive & Senior Software Engineer

Do you want to build your own career path in a young, hungry, SaaS startup? Have you ever visited the hip, culturally booming Broad Ripple Village? Are you interested in working there on a regular basis in prime real-estate walking distance from coffee shops, restaurants, and cultural trails? Does a company space ship mean anything to you?

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PactSafe launches ‘Transact’ to accelerate and transform the way businesses send, negotiate and sign contracts.

Transact speeds up the painful process of getting contracts signed with the fastest eSignature solution available.

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Year in Review: 10 milestones from 2015

From moving on in to moving on up— launching products and launching parternships, PactSafe has had a tremendous year and we couldn't have done it without your support! While we plan on taking 2016 by full force, let’s first take a second to look back on our noteworthy moments from 2015.

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What a week! PactSafe Launch Party at TwoDEEP Brewing Company

The last week has been filled with excitement for the PactSafe team as they first announced several major accomplishments, including additional funding, a new developer API called Vault, and the completion of San-Francisco based Acceleprise program.

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PactSafe Gains Momentum: Secures $1.2M in Total Funding, Launches New Developer API, and Completes San Francisco-Based Acceleprise Program

It's a proud day for me and my team. Today, it is with great excitement that we announce PactSafe has raised over $1.2M in total funding, has launched a new Legal API called Vault for embedding contracts anywhere, and is completing the prestigious Bay Area Acceleprise program. It’s because of you—our customers, partners, investors, and friends—that we are where we are today. And we’re just getting started.

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Help us welcome Kate Davis to PactSafe!

In tune with the changing of the seasons, Autumn has brought PactSafe lots of positive change this past month! As we roll further into Q4—our involvement with Acceleprise is coming to a close, we are adding artwork to our office walls, and desks have been rearranged to make room for our newest team member, Kate Davis.

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Top 10 List: PactSafe's First Month at Acceleprise

In case you are just tuning in, PactSafe is fortunate to be participating in Acceleprise right now  an awesome accelerator based out of San Francisco focused on enterprise software, founded in 2014, and backed by a roster of great SaaS founders and executives. This accelerator goes above and beyond company dreams providing funding, mentorship, office space, access to potential investors and customers, and community support to promising early stage SaaS companies over a four-month program.

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Welcome Jason Everhart to PactSafe!

This week at PactSafe, we have added tables, chairs, more desks, monitors, and walls of whiteboards to our space. You can now sit in almost every room! We also added Director of Business Development Jason Everhart to our team. Being pretty fresh to the world of PactSafe myself, I asked Jason these questions to help everyone get to know him a little better.

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Welcome PactSafe's First Orr Fellow, Amber Ferrari!

We here at PactSafe are having an awesome time as we build our business — we're experiencing great growth, filling out our new office space, and hiring some awesome people! As a young company, we were thrilled and honored to be included in the Orr Fellowship program and bring our first ever Orr Fellow on board, Amber Ferrari. She just started this week and I asked her to share a little bit more about herself. She was kind enough to answer the questions below.

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The PactSafe World Headquarters is open!

It's been a long, crazy ride over the last 3 months since we launched, but needless to say we are incredibly excited about the vision of the Digital Legal Engine and where our software is going. We've grown our incredible team to 4 people with the experience in law, sales, product, and engineering to scale our business to the next level.

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