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Contract Execution Faux Pax: The Horror Stories You’re Repeating

By Emma MacAnally on Jun 21, 2017 7:00:00 AM

Gone are the days of mailing and remailing contracts, and we could not be more thrilled. Written contracts can often be time-consuming and complex, and honestly just a big pain. Luckily, eSignatures have come to save the day! Contracts don’t necessarily need the typical ink-to-paper form of signing anymore, yet some companies have not taken advantage of all that eSignatures and clickwraps have to offer. In this blog we will outline some contract-signing practices that have yet to completely fall to the wayside (but hopefully will soon).

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PactSafe + Twilio: The TXT to Sign Revolution

By Michael Welling on May 30, 2017 10:00:00 AM

Rarely do I get excited about building out a new integration. It’s not that I’m not up to the challenge, (because let’s be honest what self-respecting developer doesn’t get amped at building out a new feature!?), but the idea of having to dig through outdated documentation for an overly complex API that then requires three methods of authentication just to get in, well that just doesn’t sound like a fun afternoon.

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How Our Customers Shaped our Evolution from a Clickwrap API to THE Contract Execution Platform

By Brian Powers on May 11, 2017 9:00:00 AM

It's a pretty exciting week for our team at PactSafe as we officially launch some significant, and game changing, upgrades to our platform. Tech companies are always evolving, adding new features, and more, however the story behind this particular evolution in our platform and our business is one we feel needs to be shared. 

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PactSafe Unveils the Contract Execution Platform

By Caitie Parten on May 9, 2017 12:50:43 PM

Today, PactSafe unveils its Contract Execution Platform, the only platform of its kind that ensures confidence in the end-to-end contract experience. PactSafe’s all-encompassing solution empowers any business to reimagine the contract execution experience, while automating the management and centralization of all contract and transaction data.

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Proof v. Definitive Proof

By Amber Ferrari on Apr 11, 2017 1:05:00 PM

The proof is in the pudding. And to establish the fact or truth of a statement, there needs to be proof. What denotes adequate proof? Proof typically comes in the form of evidence at the scene of a crime or a witness. Often times, it ends with "my word against yours."

Think about this: When an online customer is trying to cash in on a warranty or uphold the contents of their membership agreement, there aren't witnesses or any piece of tangible evidence to prove this. Therefore, how do we prove that their warranty isn't expired? Prove that their membership was paid in full? 

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4 Ways to use PactSafe that you Haven't Thought About

By Marty Pochop on Feb 20, 2017 8:00:00 AM

We know that PactSafe is the first and only cloud-based legal system of record out there on the market. PactSafe can file and organize any company’s paperwork electronically and allows companies to electronically send contracts to customers and businesses alike. Our product enables signers to use a clickwrap to e-sign contracts, making business flow a lot quicker and easier.

Here are some awesome PactSafe features that you may not have thought about and can start using today.

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Your Favorite PactSafe Feature Based on Your Zodiac Sign

By Amber Ferrari on Jan 10, 2017 8:00:00 AM

What would a New Year be without some predictions? Now is the time to check in on your PactSafe horoscope and find out which of our features will best suit your zodiac sign in 2017.

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Why you need a clickwrap API

By Amber Ferrari on Sep 22, 2016 8:00:00 AM

So we’ve already been over how a clickwrap API works, but why would you ever need one? Is that really a question? Clickwrap APIs are the best things ever, duh. No but really, what makes someone wake up in the morning and think, “Yes today I need a clickwrap API embedded into my website!” People don’t think that, which has proven to be a problem.

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Mac Shortcuts: 3 faster ways to find stuff (+ 1 way to faster math)

By Eric Prugh on Mar 11, 2016 8:50:19 AM

This is a weekly series to help you get to know your computer better by learning the shortcuts that help you move faster across or within the apps you know and love. It takes practice, but habit forming shortcut usage can add up to days worth of time savings in a year. View last week's post here.

For the uber organized, keeping folders, adding tags, and structuring things in a way to easily find files and materials might be a habit. So often, though, I lose track of files almost immediately after I save them. If only there were an easy way to search! Well, you're in luck! This week, I'm going to give you the Mac shortcuts (or Macbook shortcuts) you need to find all the amazing information you've got stored on your computer.

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3 Mac shortcuts for beginners that will change your life

By Eric Prugh on Mar 4, 2016 12:00:00 PM

This is the first of a weekly series to help you get to know your computer better by learning the shortcuts that help you move faster across or within the apps you know and love. It takes practice, but habit forming shortcut usage can add up to days worth of time savings in a year.

At PactSafe, we're all about making business happen faster, and our tips don't just include website legal agreements. What better way to move faster than to get to know your computer better and learn some super handy Mac shortcuts or Macbook shortcuts! We're mostly a Mac shop here, so I thought I'd start by promoting some little known tips to the layman Mac user.

Too many times I watch Mac users not be as efficient as they possibly can be—meaning, they click the mouse too much! The keyboard shortcut is your friend. Whether it's switching between apps, windows, or tabs... our lives are constantly multi-tasking across apps or within our browser and can create a LOT of clicks. Apple has made incredibly easy devices to use, but they've also instilled plenty of shorthand goodies to help you work faster than you thought possible. So let's dive in.

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