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Top Legal Podcasts to Bring out of Hiding

Top Legal Podcasts to Bring out of Hiding - PactSafe graphic.pngThis is the second installment of our PactSafe Podcasts blog series, designed to clue you in to our team’s favorite series to listen to on the go! Part one covered product management, check it out here.

In honor of Groundhog Day, let's bring these podcasts out of hiding to get some good listening in, whether we have 6 weeks left of Winter or not. 


Here are some legal tech audio bloggers that we think are awesome:

The Lawyerist Podcast

The Lawyerist Podcast was created in December of 2014 by two guys, Aaron Street and Sam Glover. These 2 discuss a variety of topics with successful lawyers ranging from marketing plans to guaranteeing clients a pleasant and rewarding experience when working with them.

The Digital Edge

The Digital Edge podcast speaks about the latest in legal tech software coming out, great for helping any size firm, from the smallest startup to the grandest of them all! Hosted by Sharon D. Nelson, Esq. and Jim Calloway, this blog goes month-by-month providing valuable input on emerging tech trends to help keep firms up to date. As a legal tech company ourselves, we found this quite resourceful and is right up our alley!

Divorce Discourse

Not what you may think based off of the title, the Divorce Discourse podcast, hosted by Lee Rosen, discusses a variety of topics that could improve a firm’s performance such as management, marketing, and technology. Tying these together along with other areas of legal interest, his discussions can inspire improvement of the overall functionality of a firm and overall client satisfaction. Could prove to be quite useful!

Everyday Law Podcast

Meant to take the ambiguity out of minute laws and details, the Everyday Law Podcast, hosted by Robert A. Monahan, is not just meant for heavy-duty lawyers, but also the ordinary folk out there. Some of the elaborate and detailed laws that can affect one’s business are fleshed out to help us all understand the finest of prints in any legal agreement we may run into.

Evolve Law

As shown by the title, the Evolve Law podcast talks about certain technologies and ideas that can influence the future of the legal industry. Hosts Mary Juetten and Jules Miller discuss with members of Evolve Law as well as other experts on the topic about projections for the future of the industry. Bringing in new and innovative platforms to revolutionize the business is something we find quite useful and impressive! Check out episode 003 where PactSafe's CEO, Brian Powers is interviewed. 

Since most podcasts out there are free of charge, people are able to easily download these fun audio blog listening tools to keep up with current trends and recent news. It’s so nice to have unlimited listening options, from sports and politics to celeb news. We are so excited that legal topics are emerging in the podcast world and hope you enjoy hit episodes from these awesome podcasts! 

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