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Top 5 Enterprise Businesses to Binge on this Month

Top 5 Enterprise Businesses to Binge on this Month -4.pngThe 30 Under 30 list on Forbes is a collection of young entrepreneurs that are making an impact in many different areas of business worldwide. These folks range from people who left school at the age of 16 to Harvard graduates with Ph.Ds. No matter where they came from, they all have the same goal in mind: to pursue their dreams and influence the world by providing a service that is new and revolutionary.

Though there are 30 entrepreneurs that made the list, we’d like to hone in on the game-changing companies where these entrepreneurs showcase their talents daily.

1. WayUp

Founded by 25-year-old Liz Wessel and 26-year-old JJ Fliegelman, WayUp is used  for current college students or recent college graduates designed to help them find employment to start their careers. Since its founding in 2014, WayUp has signed up over 7,000 companies and hundreds of thousands of students across about 3,000 U.S. colleges.

For students and companies, applying and posting for jobs is free and companies as well as employers pay a base rate of $4 per qualified applicant they receive. Businesses receive discounts for larger volumes, more IT tools, and direct integrations with HR platforms like iCIMS. WayUp has raised about $9 million from investors such as BoxGroup, General Catalyst Partners, Lerer Hippeau Ventures and Index Ventures.

2. Privax

Getting kicked off of gaming websites while at school, angered Jack Cator from Norfolk, England. So, he created a separate server network to get around his school’s security systems that blocked gaming websites and online video streaming. Cheekily named “HideMyAss!”, this creation became a leader in the privacy industry under its parent company Privax. This company became so successful that in early 2016 it was acquired by AVG Technologies for $40 million dollars. Just to stream videos or play online games during school, we think Mr. Cator did pretty well for himself!

3. Paddle

Started by a high school dropout, Christian Owens, in December of 2012, Paddle is a software development package for app builders which offers payment processing as well as analytics, in-app feedback, and tools for marketing as well. Offering developers “everything they need” to sell digital products from apps to content to payment products, digital start-up Paddle has grown rapidly with turnover of $737,988 U.S. Dollars for 2014 and even higher projected revenues going forward. Not too bad!

4. Nylas

Tired of dealing with a flooded inbox for emails, a computer science and physics MIT graduate Michael Grinich, alongside Christine Spang, came up with Nylas which is a platform for app developers to take care of filtering emails so they go where you want them to be. This personalizes the email process for each user and makes each user’s app that they develop unique. Currently Grinich is the CEO of Nylas and Spang heads the platform team after writing the core mail sync engine. Finally, a tool to file my spam emails for me!

5. Clef

Byrne, creator of Clef, solved the world’s problem of having to enter in a username and password. What Clef offers is a service where, to sign into a website, all users have to do is hold up a series of moving lines to their computer screen and the same set of lines on the computer screen scans the lines on the phone and once it matches up, the user is automatically signed in. This service aids users so they don’t have to keep track and write down all of their usernames and passwords to sites anymore. Over 100,000 websites integrated Clef into their business plan. Because everything can now be in one convenient place on your phone, you don’t have to pull your hair out anymore looking for random usernames and passwords for certain sites!

These companies are revolutionizing their industry by bringing something new to the table. The exposure of a specific niche in their industry that hasn’t been discovered or taken advantage of has brought rising success to these companies as well as the 27 other companies mentioned in the Forbes 30 Under 30 article, which we encourage you to read! These companies are making things easier and simplifying various processes in a variety of industries.

This is something we here at PactSafe also pride ourselves in as we make dealing with business to business contracts a lot easier to process and file electronically. This goes to show that success can come at any age and educating each other on emerging markets is both important and fun!

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