Top 5 Benefits of Clickwraps for SaaS Businesses

Aug 3, 2017 7:10:00 AM

Top 5 Benefits of Clickwraps for SaaS Businesses (1).pngThe majority of Software as a Service (SaaS) apps rely on personalized consumer accounts individuals create when first accessing the platform. Essentially, this exchange allows the business operating the SaaS application to generate a license for the user, which in turn grants them access to the app. Because of the nature of this process, it’s imperative that proper legal steps are taken to ensure that the exchange is secure for both the company and consumer. One of the best ways to successfully do this is to implement the clickwrap method.

Per US e-signature law, a click is totally fine to accept to terms or contracts, when tracked and displayed properly to get website users to agree to terms of service, terms of use, and more when prompted to check a box or click to signify they agree. Think about the last time you signed up for a new app: what kind of information were you asked to provide? How easy was it to create your account? Clickwraps are an efficient, secure way of getting customer consent, and can benefit SaaS businesses greatly.

1. Pain-free integration

PactSafe's API plug-in is easy to build into your business's product or login flow, making it simple for users to accept agreements as part of their regular use of the product. In turn, you will increase agreement turnaround time and acceptance rates.

2. Speed up sales processes

Clickwraps allow sales teams to get a “yes” from customers quicker than any other type of agreement - whether that is via website or in person. This type of efficiency will get your customers more immediate access to your platform.

3. Quickly track sales metrics

When using technology like PactSafe, the number of acceptances gained from customers is easily tracked. Within seconds of executing agreements via click-to-accept technology, a digital record is created verifying the contract version, completion date, and signer identification. Digital recordkeeping makes this information readily available any time any place--no need to worry about searching the office for the paper file!

4. Reduce customer disputes

PactSafe's tools automatically generate a PDF of acceptance for consumers. Complete with tracking data that proves acceptance to terms, these can be used to both enforce agreed-to provisions during the sales process and also help promote clarity and understanding with customers.

5. Increase customer upgrades and renewals

Automated digital recordkeeping does even more than verify the details of every single signed agreement; it also notifies customers when the contract is close to expiration. This way, instead of embarking on an in-person trip to renew the product (which, of course, is sometimes necessary) the contract can be renewed with a single click in a matter of seconds. If your customer is already satisfied and has no changes to make for doing business in the following year, this is a great renewal strategy! You maintain business while also saving lots of time.

Overall, by implementing a clickwrap method into your SaaS application, you will leave very little room for legal mishaps and, in turn, keep your customers happy. If this sounds good to you, read more about how to gain customer acceptance efficiently with clickwrap agreements.

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Emma MacAnally

Written by Emma MacAnally