Webinar Recap: Three Ways to Reimagine Contracts in the Right-Now Economy

Yesterday our Co-Founder & COO Eric Prugh hosted a webinar breaking down three ways PactSafe is reimagining contracts in the "right-now" economy. During the webinar, he shared three examples of how current PactSafe customers use the contract execution platform. (Spoiler alert: it's revolutionary)

Missed it? It's cool. We understand life gets busy so we decided share the recording here. Take a listen and let us know your thoughts!

What to catch in the webinar:

  • How Mopro now sends frictionless contracts executed in seconds via SMS
  • SwervePay switched from DocuSign to PactSafe to create an automated, integrated contract execution across internal systems
  • CDW implemented a frictionless, seamless, end-to-end contract experience with PactSafe

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