The Top 4 Product Management Podcasts for Your Commute

Top 4 Product Management Podcasts for Your Commute (2).pngSince the dawn of the iPod, podcasts on a variety of topics have been available to listeners via iTunes. In the early 2000’s, these narrative recordings seemed to peak in popularity, followed by a slow decline over the next decade. Recently, however, there has been a resurgence, in what NYmag refers to as the Great Podcast Renaissance. It has been determined that the main stimulus behind the podcast revival is pretty obvious: it’s all thanks to the commuter.With the rise of new technologies such as Bluetooth and aux cords, has come a new wave of entertainment preference and many commuters have turned to the podcast. Whereas podcasts can take many entertaining forms - such as the popular mystery series Serial - one of the biggest benefits of podcasts are their educational value.

Professionals in almost every industry, even those you’ve never heard of, can turn to podcasts for advice, industry news, and fresh ideas. Since creating a seamless, user-friendly product is very important to PactSafe, we decided to compile a list of some of the best product management podcasts for your commute.

1. This is Product Management

New episodes are available every Monday at 4:30 ET where host Mike Fishbein, Alpha UX, speaks with guests from various disciplines about their journeys. This podcast is unique in that the typical interview format is discarded, so episodes focus on the topic instead of the individual speaker. Check out their first podcast of the New Year, Team Intelligence is Product Management.

2. Yours Productly

Host Ravi Kumar, Software Product Manager at TeamViewer, interviews product leaders from all around the world. Kumar explains that one of the most important parts of interviews are the “war stories.” Guests are asked to describe situations where they solved the most challenging problems as product managers. We suggest John Cutler on Evolving Role of Product Managers


3. Product People

Aims to show the real people behind products, and let them tell their stories. The guests on the show tend to be top-notch in their fields. One episode from 2016 that’s worth checking out is Episode 80: Are we at peak SaaS?



Through interviews with founders, this podcast covers everything that goes into making a great product. They have started a new podcast series where wider topics are the focus, such as Episode 5 SaaS: A Deeper Look

Have we missed one of your favorite product management podcasts? Let us know in the comments!

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