The PactSafe World Headquarters is open!

It's been a long, crazy ride over the last 3 months since we launched, but needless to say we are incredibly excited about the vision of the Digital Legal Engine and where our software is going. We've grown our incredible team to 4 people with the experience in law, sales, product, and engineering to scale our business to the next level.

The PactSafe Headquarters: Broad Ripple, Indianapolis, IN, USA

With that, we're thrilled to share that we've moved into the new PactSafe Headquarters! This space will allow us to grow our team over the next 12-18 months and really fuel a very collaborative environment we were managing remotely. As you can see in this picture, we've been hard at work getting our goals & milestones down on paper and haven't quite gotten completely unpacked yet!

The pace of innovation is sure to accelerate as we move into the summer of 2015 with more momentum than we ever could have expected! We're going to be posting updates on the health of our business, some behind the scenes culture items, and share customer successes we see as we grow. We hope you'll join us on the ride!

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