The Future of PactSafe and Why We Need Clickwrap Transaction Platforms

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Almost six years ago, we started out on a mission to help companies ensure their clickwrap agreements were airtight when they implemented them on websites and mobile apps. It’s been quite the journey since we initially built the product — we’ve been fortunate to help companies like Wayfair, DoorDash, Extra Space Storage, BMC Software, and more. We’ve certainly learned a lot about your businesses over that time, and thank you so much for being such an amazing partner.

We’ve taken all of those learnings and insights and we’re putting them to good use. That’s why we’re so excited to share the future of PactSafe and where we’re taking the platform forward.

We created a clickwrap transaction platform to help businesses better secure the online transactions that help you hit growth goals faster, more confidently, and more efficiently. 

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Our team at PactSafe has been working on an all-new experience for our customers to have a smoother and more reliable experience on our platform. We can't wait to show you around! Consider this blog your guide. 

Introducing the New PactSafe 

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We’ve rethought and rebuilt the entire PactSafe user experience from the ground up. The new experience provides our users with built-in best practices, a brand new contract editor, and a consistent, guided setup assistant that guides you to get contracts live for signature or acceptance, whether it’s a clickwrap transaction embedded on your website or an electronic signature request.

Having worked for nearly a decade on simplifying contracts, we know what a challenge it can be to manage the intricacies and complexity often inherent to legal agreements. However, that doesn't mean your online tools have to be difficult to use, nor should they introduce any additional friction into your process.

The New PactSafe makes preparing and managing clickwrap transactions accessible and intuitive, delivering an experience that is built to save both you and your customer time and heartache.

Why Now?

At PactSafe, our vision is to put 1 billion hours of lost time back into the world. You’ve lost hours—maybe days—of time on preparing contracts, unnecessary review or signature processes, and working with internal teams to get things across the line. 

It’s grown to be more than that, though. The pandemic has forced us all to scramble to create experiences that better suit a customer and team that is remote and looking for more convenient ways to transact online.

Securing and auditing the contracts that are part of online transactions shouldn’t be confusing, cumbersome, or manual. In fact, Aragon Research recently summarized this challenge well in the report “The Rise of Clickwrap Transaction Platforms: Act Now or Lose the Battle for Secure eCommerce”:

“The challenge of increased growth puts pressure on the enterprise to not only be able to handle the increased demand but also the increased need to prove that the transactions that took place were actually agreed to. Because of the growth of the volume in transactions, existing approaches to managing online agreements need to change. The fourth industrial revolution is about intelligent automation and CTP offerings are poised to offer both higher volume transactions and more automated transactions.”

The New PactSafe will empower you to make more and more of your transactions online or better secure and archive the agreements beyond the transactions you already do.

Our objective in giving you the New PactSafe is to ensure that the massive shift to online transactions we have seen in the past year is something you can take advantage of—not fall behind or be left overwhelmed. Providing this foundation moves us closer to making Clickwrap contracts mainstream and converting our customers from a personalized contracting method to a standardized method with advanced, data-driven workflows.  

Watch the Quick Tour and See What’s Changed

We’ve recorded a video walking you through the New PactSafe speaking to what’s changed. Here are the highlights:

  • “Contracts” are now, more correctly, named “Templates”
  • “Groups”, “Signature Requests”, and “SmartPacts” have been grouped as “Contracts”
  • “Signature Requests” are now called “Personalized Contracts”
  • “SmartPacts” are now called “Standardized Contracts”
  • “Groups” are now called “Embedded Contracts”

Using React: Investing in Long-Term Innovation and Best-in-Class Architecture

In building the New PactSafe, our Engineering team decided to use React.js. There are a lot of advantages to choosing React, but we wanted to spell out a couple that will benefit you as a customer.

As the most popular front-end library today, React is familiar to a large number of developers. React provides a way for developers to create reusable components, increasing the speed of development. React also has a strong ecosystem of related libraries that can be leveraged to improve in-browser developer tooling, test coverage, use of styles, and so on. All of these things together mean an application that is more resilient against software bugs, looks more modern, and has greater performance.

By starting with a ground-up rewrite, we could avoid attempts to hack together older parts of our legacy architecture with newer parts in an entirely different framework. Because of this, we have been able to take the lessons we learned from building features in Classic, combined with user feedback, to create an experience that we know you will love.

Access to the New PactSafe and the Rollout Plan 

We have thought long and hard about getting you access to the new experience to make sure the move over is smooth with minimal disruptions to our customers. We’ll be rolling out the New PactSafe in the coming months based on product modules and use cases. There will be many phases to the roll out, and each release will include a new set of features that allows more customers to migrate. 

Here are the feature sets to be released in priority order: 

  • Phase 1: Template editing and basic clickwrap setup and configuration 
  • Phase 2: Delivering personalized contracts for signature and hosted contract configuration  
  • Phase 3: Build and manage Legal Centers and advanced setup of templates powering personalized contracts  
  • Phase 4: Dynamic capabilities for managing clickwrap agreements
  • Phase 5: Integrations and features to manage signer and contract data

Frequently Asked Questions

Don’t stress about moving to the New PactSafe—we’ve got all your questions answered. We want to ensure that your transition is smooth with minimal disruption. Here are a few things you might be worried about that we have addressed during development: 

Do I have to start over or will my current account be automatically moved (templates, contracts, acceptances, etc.)? 

The new PactSafe was built on the same database as Classic, so all of your data will move with you! All data in your account will be available through both Classic and the New PactSafe, so you can move between the two as needed. 

Do I have to re-train my team on the New PactSafe?

Nothing is more disruptive than having to teach your entire team how to use a new platform. To keep disruption low, we have created a rich library of help articles, recorded demos, and in-app tours to help train your team on the new experience without having to disrupt your running business. Our goal is to provide enough tools and information so users can train themselves in the new app.

Need more than that? If you have a Customer Success Manager, let them know you’d like a more tailored training program and we can set that up, too!

How do I go between the classic app and the new app? What if I get lost? 

To make going between Classic and the New PactSafe as smooth as possible, we have built tools to help our customers navigate back and forth without getting lost. With these barriers, we are confident that our customers will be able to migrate to the New PactSafe without getting lost or confused.

Can I test new features before they’re live?

Want to preview the New PactSafe features before they’re live? We’d love to have you as part of our Beta program. Just shoot an email to and let us know!

Will the New PactSafe have all the same features as Classic?

While we do plan to retain and improve the most valuable capabilities of Classic, we have reimagined many of the features and functionalities to make them more streamlined and simple for our customers.

While we may not build everything as you might have previously used it, we’d love your feedback on what you need or what could be improved. Building all of our classic features in the new PactSafe will happen in phases, and all features in Classic will be evaluated and addressed for the new PactSafe by the end of the project.

Will new features be released to both the New PactSafe and Classic?

At this time, we don’t intend to build new features in PactSafe Classic. All our attention for the future is going to be invested in making the New PactSafe the best possible experience for you. The New PactSafe is built on a brand new, modern architecture that will allow us to move much faster and deliver the innovations you need to save time and improve your own workflows.

We have some incredible things on the horizon.

When will I be able to move to the New PactSafe use more advanced features in the new app? 

Not sure if the New PactSafe is right for you to try out? Just give us a shout and we can walk you through the timeline in more detail. More advanced features will be coming soon in a future release as we work through the more simple, foundational workflows in the New PactSafe. Have feedback or thoughts on what else we should be thinking about and prioritizing? Add your thoughts, tell us how much you love it, share your experiences. We’d love to hear from you.

So, What's Next? 

The New PactSafe is the culmination of dozens of interviews, years of coding, months of design and planning, and more. And don’t worry—yYour migration phase is coming! But don’t worry, you don’t have to do anything. Check out our resources below to help you on your journey through the New PactSafe.

As always, if you have any questions, pains, comments, or want to talk about how amazing the new app is, reach out to us! We would love to hear from you. 

To learn more about how PactSafe is evolving, Watch our webinar, The Future of PactSafe.

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