Risk and Compliance

Start Tracking Privacy Consent in the Age of GDPR

With the new general data protection regulation being passed and ratified by EU member nations, effective in 2018, it is time to start making organizational moves to comply with these changes NOW. 

First, we helped customers address the Safe Harbor issue, now, with the GDPR, we've analyzed the new regulations and have deduced the major risks involved for any organization offering services to or monitoring EU member nations. 

What's Next?

Luckily, PactSafe is here to help address these risks within your GDPR compliance plan. Consent tracking and management are going to be a must for the privacy issues being catalyzed by the GDPR. 

Article IV of the GDPR indicates that organizations must be able to prove that EU consumers have either opted-in or opted-out of privacy policies. These regulations call for data audits of your own company's digital recordkeeping. Best practice calls for contract execution software that already keeps automated real-time records of all online customer compliance.

Want to learn more about the emminent risks of failing to develop your GDPR compliance plan?

Tune in for the Webinar on Friday, April 7 to learn about:

  • How to manage privacy policies in the digital age
  • Tracking your customers who opt-in or opt-out to policies
  • The money you can lose if you're not managing your policies correctly

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