Social Media Privacy Policies exposed: Who owns your soul?

An amazing report from Pew Research Center was recently released that cut to the core of some of the real privacy concerns of consumers today. One of the amazing stats revealed that "69% of adults say they are not confident that records of their activity maintained by the social media sites they use will remain private and secure." We decided to dive into the privacy policies of some social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. What we found might surprise you. It also might not if you're in the 69% who are skeptical of social media privacy in general.

Do the social media privacy policies surprise you? Do they own your soul?

See the infographic below to find out!

Who owns you on social media-

More information on social media privacy & privacy policies.

We encourage you to read more from the Pew Research Center with the full report here. Also, we encourage you to ensure you're reading privacy policies regularly — not each social media outlet needs to email you when they update.

TOS;DR: Find out who owns you, regularly.

TOS;DR (in the vain of TL;DR or "too long, didn't read") is an awesome resource to stay up to date on the latest privacy policy changes broken down in normal people speak. Check it out here.

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