Simple Methods to Get Your SaaS in Gear for Improved Customer Onboarding

SaaS onboarding is heavily embodied by the need for customers to understand the value a product will be bringing to their everyday workflow. This Forbes' customer onboarding piece by Sujan Patel says, "The best onboarding flows give users a taste of the value proposition first, then once the user sees the value, collect the critical user data necessary to grow a customer relationship." After all, that's the reason customers entrust a service provider to help ease a pain they have and to streamline some type of process for them.

These tips below are some of our favorite strategic methods for engaging customers from the very beginning of onboarding and into the entire customer lifecycle. 


The Product Walk-through

Tools like Intercom and Chameleon have helped PactSafe maintain all customer data in Intercom as well as providing interactive product maps with Chamelon. We can send in-app messages through Intercom to a specific customer segment when necessary and also receive real-time communications from customers. We also use these product tours and product walk-throughs to introduce new paradigms in the software. Chameleon and Intercom can trigger events as people log in, take action, and more:

Image 2017-03-16 at 8.51.55 AM.public.png

We refuse to let our customers feel isolated throughout any difficulties they might incur while building familiarity with our product. Having a hot and ready help desk is key to achieving this! 

Managing Defined, Task-Oriented Steps

When your users log into your app for the first time, they need that "wow" moment to help give them the value they need to move forward. Good documentation, action-based walk-throughs and product tours, and good UX all can impact this. At PactSafe, we look at actions that capture events like adding a contract, publishing a template, and more. Providing documentation in our setup blueprint, too, is essential to our onboarding process:

This also means keeping up-to-date records of customer activity within the PactSafe app as a means to enhance and progress our customers' user-experience as they journey with our product. 

Open Office Hours

From product kick-off to maintaining engaged users, it is important to communicate adequately with your customers. When customer onboarding can't fully encapsulate the value of your product, sometimes it helps to get on the phone to get your questions answered. Really honing in on their needs and the value your product is equipped to bring them is the differentiator between average onboarding and stellar onboarding. At PactSafe, we do this by guiding our customers starting with product signup to set-up.

We've been known to have on-site group training for customers' teams and provide user assistance from initial implementation all the way to feature upgrades and renewals. We do all of this to help the customer experience PactSafe with as much ease as possible. By spelling out customers goals, we can better assist them in achieving those goals through use of our tools. 

Every single one of us here at PactSafe is a customer. We schedule demos with other awesome products, contact customer service teams, and fill out user surveys just like the rest of them. We know what makes a customer trust a product and what can break that trust. That is why we're dedicated to amplifying the customer onboarding process to the highest of qualities possible, and are always looking to add tips and tricks to our own onboarding process!

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