5 Signs You Need a Legal API

5 Signs You Need a Legal API.pngNo matter how awesome your product or service is, you’re going to run into trouble if you aren’t checking your online legal terms. Luckily, this isn’t as difficult as it sounds. You’re probably familiar with those clickable terms of service boxes you are presented with when you first become a user. These clickwrap agreements use a button labeled “I agree” instead of a traditional ink and paper signature, but they are still just as legally enforceable.

However, if you get sued, clickwrap agreements have shown to be pretty hard to enforce if you make bad recordkeeping decisions. That’s why we developed a clickwrap API that takes all of the legal guesswork out of the equation. Our Contract Execution Platform allows customers to focus on their business, while we take care of the legal side. The benefits of integrating a clickwrap API are numerous, but how do you know when you need one? Here are 5 signs you will definitely be better off after implementing a legal API.

1. Your customers pay for your products or services online

Click through agreements make buying and selling easy: they allow sales teams to get a "yes" from customers faster than any other type of agreement. Every time a customer goes through your checkout flow, you can automatically embed and capture their signature. Automated digital recordkeeping does even more than verify the details of every single signed agreement; it also notifies customers when the contract is close to expiration. 

2. Your HR team deals with paperwork when onboarding new employees

If your Human Resources department is still using actual paper and pen agreements to onboard new employees, it's time to take advantage of all the new technology there is to offer. That's where clickwrap agreements come into play. They allow one-click-signatures for employee acceptance and increase speed and convenience when used for operations such as hiring, compensation, employee relations and performance, and compliance. Why make things harder for your HR team when they don't have to be?

3. You are familiar with the pains of trying to locate documents on a Shared Drive

There's nothing more frustrating - or time-consuming - than having to sift through hundreds of documents to find the one you need. By implementing a legal API, you can save tons of time by sending documents directly to signers from your CRM. Hasta la vista email and fax!

4. You aren’t keeping track of your legal agreements

Integrating a legal API will eliminate the guesswork of locating digital records. You will be able to automatically track who accepts your clickwrap agreements, as well as which version they accept and when they do so. This process ensures that your back will be covered if things ever get messy.

5. Your developers are searching for a flexible API

With the PactSafe API and JavaScript library, you can add instantaneous legal recordkeeping to any important event in your app. What's more, our Vault Developer Toolkit provides you tools to plug in to your websites or mobile apps to help your business unify signatures across all your contracts. Create a Developer Account to check out what we have to offer, and get your (free!) API key. 

Implementing a legal API can benefit your business in many ways, and these five are only the beginning. If you already integrated clickwrap agreements, make sure you are following our tips for the best clickwrap practices!


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