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PureTick reduces online disputes with PactSafe

PureTick, LLC

When your customers are signing up for your service online, it's imperative that they understand what they're agreeing to or it may lead to financial disputes, disputes over the terms & conditions, or otherwise. Alex Wasilewski at PureTick found this all too difficult when getting disputes from a bank or from customers claiming to have never seen PureTick's Terms of Use. But let's learn a little bit about his business and why he needed a solution to help handle some of these disputes with customers.

The Company

PureTick, LLC specializes in teaching investors how to make money trading stock index futures. Alex Wasilewski, the head day trader and founder, has a rich and eclectic background that might more easily have been described by what he has not done.

PactSafe's Clickwrap Form Badge on

Customers of PureTick can subscribe to various services online. As part of the purchase process, the terms were not displayed consistently. They also had a link to their Terms of Use buried in the footer of their site which can lead to confusion or a lack of awareness that their customers are subject to those terms. "When a client places an order, we want them aware of our Terms," said Wasilewski. "PactSafe helped ensure that each client understood the service they were ordering and our billing arrangement."

The Results

Time is one of the most valuable resources to a small to medium sized business. So what has it meant to the PureTick business? Obviously, Wasilewski says, "we have less clients disputing their orders with our service." Which means less refunds, happier customers (because they see the terms upfront), and a more stable customer relationship.

What surprised him most about the PactSafe solution is that "the client service from the PactSafe team would be so rapid and professional."

The Solution

PureTick has an ecommerce solution that drives all of their customer purchases. PactSafe was able to implement an integration to this solution that presented the PactSafe Clickwrap Badge for every transaction. All acceptance of that agreement was tracked inside of the PactSafe application, making it super easy for Wasilewsk to login, search for a name, and prove that a customer had in fact agreed—saving him hours of heartache in providing proof to a bank or court.

In Summary

PactSafe was a key solution to give Alex Wasilewski peace of mind in running his business. Businesses turn to PactSafe to streamline content creation & publishing, track acceptance for record keeping, and providing seamless customer notifications of legal changes. Check out more of what Alex is doing over at Or get a demo of PactSafe today.

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