Podcast: How UiPath scaled their legal team from 1 to 30 and introduced AI to automate legal workflows

Sep 3, 2019 10:42:00 AM


PactSafe’s “Legal Departments of the Future” podcast is hosted by PactSafe founder and CEO Brian Powers. As an attorney who’s ventured into the tech business, Brian is always looking for ways to fuse the legal and tech spaces together. 

In this episode, Brian interviews Vasile Tiple, Deputy General Counsel for UiPath and former Senior Legal Specialist at Adobe.

Tune in as Vasile and Brian discuss how UI path scaled from a legal department of one to a team of 30 in just 3 years and how they are now leveraging AI and “lawyer robots” to automate legal workflows like simple redlining. 

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Ashley Walsh

Written by Ashley Walsh

Ashley, the VP of Marketing at PactSafe, has more than 15 years experience leading high-performing marketing teams and scaling technology companies to meaningful outcomes.