PODCAST: How to Embrace and Drive Innovation in Your Legal Department

Copy of connect to different systems where your customer already exist digitally boosts sales (2)PactSafe’s “Legal Departments of the Future” podcast is hosted by PactSafe founder and CEO Brian Powers. As an attorney who’s ventured into the tech business, Brian is always looking for ways to fuse the legal and tech spaces together.

"Change is hard, so establishing a mindset is very important in terms of embracing innovation.”

In episode 2 of our podcast, Brian sat down with Debbie Petillo, Senior Director of Legal Operations at TIBCO Software. TIBCO fuels digital business by enabling better decisions and faster, smarter actions through the TIBCO Connected Intelligence Cloud. From APIs and systems to devices and people, TIBCO interconnects everything, capturing data in real time wherever it is, and augmenting the intelligence of businesses through analytical insights.

Tune in below as Brian and Debbie discuss how tech offers the potential to solve problems, and how Debbie has championed tech-driven initiatives to improve efficiencies and productivity at TIBCO.

More information in this podcast on how Debbie has championed technology at TIBCO to elevate the legal team’s productivity:

  • Why working in the software industry allows professionals to see how problems can become ideas for solutions. Debbie shares specific examples of how tech has always offered potential to solve problems or challenges in her role.
  • Why immersing yourself in innovation is always upping your game: Debbie shares how her experience in working for a software company has allowed her to innovate for process improvement or productivity improvement, like with contract documents, policy management, data analysis, e-discovery, and e-billing.
  • What Debbie’s most proud of achieving at TIBCO: Debbie helped drive the initiative to paperless contracting and saying goodbye to fax machines! TIBCO was one of the first contract management businesses to do so, and Debbie shared how their customers greatly appreciated it.
  • How she’s seen compliance with digital signing in the last five years
  • Why finding early adopters of new innovation is crucial: Debbie shares how bringing advocates to try and generate internal marketing helps fuel new, improved strategies in legal departments and ensure implementation goes smoothly.
  • All about data: Debbie shares how with more and more regulatory pressure in cyber security and data privacy, things like policy management, automation, AI, connectivity of databases, and all of the things you need to more effectively manage your data and your employees’ interaction with that data is going to be crucial to success.

Listen here:

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