Work Someplace Awesome: Making prospect calls from Costa Rica

By Anna Funke on Aug 6, 2019 9:09:00 AM

PactSafe's office already has huge perks: a snack closet that is perpetually stocked with peanut butter pretzel nuggets, a kegerator, and a Pac-Man machine, but one of our more unique policies has recently led me to Costa Rica: the Work Someplace Awesome policy.

PactSafe's “Work Someplace Awesome” policy, which is probably my favorite PactSafe perk, reimburses employee travel expenses (up to a certain amount) once every calendar year when they work someplace awesome. Past awardees of this stipend have visited Paraguay, San Francisco, Morocco, Margaritaville in South Carolina, and elsewhere. I’ve never heard of another company offering a stipend like this.

Ever since an exchange trip to Toulouse, France, where I lived with a French family for two weeks, speaking to them exclusively in my broken French and beginning what would become a lifelong pursuit of The Perfect Crêpe, I’ve been a big fan of international travel. After traveling to the United Kingdom, France (again), Vietnam, Australia, and Indonesia during my college years, I promised myself that after graduation I would do whatever I needed to do to leave the country at least once a year. Lucky for me, I landed in a sales role at a company that enabled me to do just that.

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FaceApp's aging clickwrap methods will make their Terms of Use unenforceable

By Brian Powers on Aug 1, 2019 9:09:00 AM

FaceApp has recently skyrocketed to the top of iTunes with over 100 million existing users, driven in large part by celebrities who use the app to post all sorts of AI enhanced images of themselves.  This massive popularity has put the FaceApp’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy under public scrutiny, with headline after headline criticizing the broad rights FaceApp obtains to use images people upload to the app.  

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How Expedia and other travel sites avoided a class action: What every travel site needs to know

By Brian Powers on Jul 30, 2019 9:09:00 AM

On June 10, 2019, a federal court in Washington dismissed Church v. EXPEDIA INC., a class action lawsuit against Expedia, and other travel sites.

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How to design your contracts around your enterprise business needs

By Gizelle Fletcher on Jul 24, 2019 9:09:00 AM

In our previous article, “Why Contract Design is Becoming More Important to Enterprise Businesses”, we dive into how the consumer-driven economy is forcing enterprise businesses to shift the way they interact with clients, driving them to be more mobile with their services. Here, we explain how to start designing your contracts based on the needs of your business, rather than the other way around. 

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Why contract design is becoming more important to enterprise businesses

By Gizelle Fletcher on Jul 10, 2019 9:09:00 AM

Contract design is crucial for enterprise businesses that want to stay ahead. Businesses that hope to scale efficiently are beginning to take contract design more seriously. 

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What types of evidence do I need to enforce my online agreement in court?

By Gizelle Fletcher on Jun 26, 2019 8:08:00 AM


If your terms were to be enforced and your clients were to take you to court, could your terms hold up? Do you even know what you need to bring to court? Even more, what types of evidence are more likely to be successful in enforcing your online agreement in court, or better yet, compelling arbitration?

There are many factors that influence the success rates of online agreements in court, but not all methods created equal, and they are certainly not equally effective.  Luckily, there is new research to help guide best practices for achieving successful outcomes.  

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Are my browsewrap agreements enforceable?

By Gizelle Fletcher on Jun 12, 2019 8:08:00 AM

If your website processes a high volume of user agreements such as terms of use, privacy policies or refund policies, chances are, you will be sued.  Given this likelihood of litigation, the question of "when" is less important than whether or not you are prepared for your terms to be enforced. Are you certain that your online legal agreements will hold up in court? 

In our 3-post series, we detail the three common ways of capturing user assent online citing case law examples, and the factors that influence their enforceability in court. Our third post is dedicated to browsewrap agreements. (Read the first post and the second post here.)

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CLOC Institute 2019 Recap: A Force for Change in Legal Departments

By Brian Powers on May 30, 2019 9:26:37 AM

“Legal ops is not a trend; it's a movement.” - Mary O'Carroll, President of CLOC.

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Are my online agreements valid? Part 2: Sign-in-wrap

By Gizelle Fletcher on May 29, 2019 8:08:00 AM

Sooner or later, you will be sued. As it is inevitable, the question of "when" is less important than whether or not you are prepared for your terms to be enforced. Are you certain that your online legal agreements--clickwrap, sign-in-wrap, and browsewrap--can hold up in court? In our 3-post series, we will detail the three common types of online agreements, case law examples, and the factors that influence their enforceability in court. This post (number two of three articles) is dedicated to sign-in-wrap agreements. (Read the first post on clickwrap agreements here.)

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PODCAST: Why companies like Amazon are making their legal departments metrics-driven

By Gizelle Fletcher on May 21, 2019 9:34:16 AM

PactSafe’s “Legal Departments of the Future” podcast is hosted by PactSafe founder and CEO Brian Powers. As an attorney who’s ventured into the tech business, Brian is always looking for ways to fuse the legal and tech spaces together. In this podcast, Brian chats with Walker Lockhart, former Amazon Legal Council, Nordstrom Director of Product, and current EVP of a new startup.

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