PactSafe + Zapier Integration


We've got a confession to make. Here at PactSafe we have an extreme crush on Zapier. We're talking Pam Beasley + Jim Halpert type of crush. 

But then again, who wouldn't have a crush on a software that allows you to integrate all your web apps so that your data is connected? Not possible. 

If you don't know Zapier or what they do, here's a quick breakdown: Zapier integrates web apps so that all of your apps can share data, automate workflows called "Zaps" that pass information between these apps, and build processes faster to get more done without adding any code - now that's innovation. 

So why are we sharing our crush to Zapier openly?  Because we've got some exciting news! We're working on a productized integration with Zapier. Our development team has done some initial testing to connect the signing, acceptance, and other events in PactSafe to other workflows you might like to enable like CRM, QuickBooks Online, and more with Zapier. 

Do you use Zapier? Is there a workflow that you think you'd like to see between PactSafe and your other web apps?

If you're already a PactSafe user let us know if you're interested in learning more through the PactSafe app! If you're not a user, don't you think it's time you became one?

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