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PactSafe + TagStation: Shortening Sales Processes, Redlining, & Improving Customer Onboarding


Before PactSafe, TagStation's legal counsel and sales team wanted to find a solution to “shrinkwrap” the contract process so that it was less prone to negotiation, with a quicker turnaround.

Ultimately, finding a way to eliminate as much of the red-line process as possible would help TagStation and their customers both save time and money. TagStation needed a service that would not only help eliminate much of the red-line process from negotiation, but also help in presenting contracts cleaner, more mobile-friendly, and simply within an app.

Last, but not least, ensuring rock solid record keeping was a must for the legal team. 

Since working with PactSafe:

  • TagStation has seen great success in shortening the sales process and eliminating red lines
  • They've enhanced the customer onboarding experience by eliminating pain points from the entire contract and sales process
  • The integrated click-through process on has significantly expedited contract turnaround
  • TagStation’s legal team now has peace of mind that all contracts are binding and properly recorded due to being completed and stored via tamper-proof records in PactSafe


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