PactSafe Announces Salesforce Integration on AppExchange


CRM-SalesForce-Small.pngToday we are excited to announce the launch of our Salesforce integration on the CRM platform’s AppExchange. The PactSafe platform's unrivaled modern signing methods are built to expedite the process of getting contracts signed. Customers like ForeScout use PactSafe and its Salesforce integration to save their sales team time, keep operations teams happy with better data hygiene, and improve the user experience for signers with its one-of-a-kind “click-to-sign” and “text-to-sign” signing methods.


First of its Kind Mobile and Customer-Driven Solutions


Customers can install PactSafe’s Salesforce integration into their own Salesforce environment and easily connect to their PactSafe account. Inside the PactSafe for Salesforce app, customers can connect to all of their PactSafe contract templates and easily send them for acceptance from a Salesforce Opportunity, Account, or Contact.

PactSafe has embraced consumer-first technology, recognizing that its customers are on-the-go. All of PactSafe’s modern signing methods are optimized for mobile devices, including its click-to-sign and text-to-sign solutions.

Its click-to-sign technology allows contracts to get signed faster and easier by sending straight to clients’ mobile devices for easy acceptance. In addition, this mobile-first contract solution is the first-ever text-to-sign contract technology. Businesses can send contracts over text, giving signers the ability to sign over text message by simply replying, “I Agree” or “I accept.

Once a contract is accepted, PactSafe helps to make sure it remains enforceable by creating a guaranteed tamper-proof legal record instantly.


Ongoing Mission to Innovate: Custom Links for Faster, Easier Signing

PactSafe’s product team is constantly innovating, developing easier and faster ways for businesses to get contracts signed. This quarter the company also unveiled SmartPacts, allowing customers like Carlson Wagonlit to send a custom link for any type of repetitive contracts for one-step signatures.

PactSafe CEO Brian Powers says of the company’s innovation-first culture, “We’re thrilled to offer these game-changing, secure, and enforceable solutions for our customers. We’re constantly listening to our customers’ needs and rolling out new signing methods that are unprecedented in the electronic signature space. Being able to offer these solutions from within Salesforce empowers our customers to get signatures where they spend the most time every day: with their customers and in Salesforce."

PactSafe also provides a Legal Center for clients to manage and revise contracts, complete with custom workflows and permissions. From contract creation, revision, acceptance to instant legal recordkeeping, the PactSafe platform makes contracts a frictionless, seamless part of doing business.

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