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PactSafe Release: What's new in the platform?


Contract cloning? Check. Viewing signers and activity by group? Check. Comments? Check. Gangs all here for release day! And per usual, our team has been working hard to bring you new and exciting features inside the app. Here's the scoop on each new feature:

Contract Cloning

We've updated the Contracts layout to add an "options" ("...") next to your "Edit Draft" or "New Version" button on the Contract.

Contract Cloning

Contract Cloning: Now, you can copy or clone a Contract and use it as a starting point for another Contract including Fields & Tokens.


View Signers and Activity by Group

View Signers and Activity by Group

Easily see who accepted contracts in a Group by clicking the options ("...") in your Groups listing and you can hover to view Signers and Activity by Group.


Want to try out Comments? Let us know!


PactSafe Comments


With Requests, we've added the ability to make comments inline right from the Signing page. Collaborate with your signers in real-time to finalize and sign that contract as fast as you can. No "Track Changes" required. This feature is currently in Closed Beta and will be available upon request.

Want to to try these features out yourself? Let's get you set up inside the PactSafe platform!

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