PactSafe Dashboard: New look, who dis?

It's an exciting time at PactSafe! We've been adding new features, integrations and more to the platform. Today, I'm thrilled to announce a refresh of our user interface.


Before and after: PactSafe's dashboard gets a refresh that better uses space on the top of the page and brings a mobile-first, modern design.


What's changing with this new design?

All the workflows inside PactSafe won't change—we've just reconfigured some layout pieces to create a more consistent, modern design that better uses screen real estate:


  1. The infamous blue bar at the top of the screen has disappeared to give users more room to work.
  2. Profile/Settings have been moved to the bottom left-hand corner of the screen.
  3. To switch sites, the Site Switcher has moved right above the profile/Settings option.

More context: Click the PactSafe logo to expand your navigation to see which Site you're in and see more about your username.


What do you think of the design? We'd love to hear your feedback! Want to see the new design yourself? Schedule a demo with our team to get a one-on-one experience!

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