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PactSafe Launches Chat-to-Sign, Converting Live Conversations Into Legally Binding Contracts

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First, a personal note from our founder and CEO, Brian Powers:

So as not to bury the lede: today I am excited to announce Chat-to-Sign by PactSafe, integrations with Slack and Intercom to help businesses convert conversations into legally binding contracts. PactSafe will have an app on both app stores to enable the integration.
When we first started PactSafe, we saw an opportunity to help legal teams embrace the ever changing, evolving landscape of technology. As we have learned from our customers over the years, almost every business has some focus on how to better use technology to reduce friction—whether it's internally or externally. Internally, it's called "operations". Externally, it's called the "experience". Either way, they're both incredibly important. Delivering experiences that are seamless, easy, and frictionless to both internal and external stakeholders are what will help your top line and bottom line.
It's why we've invested so much in our API, integrations, and an extensible platform that can empower you to build the experience you need.
Thank you for all your support now and in the future! Check out chat-to-sign and ask us what it could mean in terms of time savings for your business.

INDIANAPOLIS - September 19, 2018 - PactSafe, the workflow platform for contract acceptance, today announces the launch of Chat-to-Sign, a new product of its platform that integrates with collaboration hub Slack and customer messaging platform Intercom to allow signers to accept contracts inside of chat conversations.

According to recent reports, 30 percent of all agreements are currently opened from a mobile web browser. This number is much lower compared to the amount of agreements that are signed on tablet or PC. As businesses digitally transform their strategies for customers, the need for secure, digital-friendly contracts on a variety of devices is increasing at a rapid rate.

“Contracting shouldn’t be a burden. As technology advances, our users are accessing different channels to communicate whether it’s through phone, messaging apps, live chat, or email,” said Eric Prugh, PactSafe co-founder and Chief Product Officer. “With Chat-to-Sign, we’re expanding our vision to deliver the tools our customers need to successfully create and complete personalized or standardized contracts no matter the location. We are committed to ensuring that contracts are no longer a hassle, but a process that can be as simple as a click or tap of a button.”


As the first of its kind, Chat-to-Sign brings contracting to the modern workplace by integrating contracts with Slack and Intercom. Requests for new seats on a platform, business proposals or employee documents, such as new hire forms, can all be sent directly to the necessary respondent’s messaging application.

“PactSafe’s Chat-to-Sign is a great example of how Apps in the Intercom Messenger enable companies and their customers to get more done in less time while still maintaining a great customer experience,” said Jeff Gardner, head of platform partnerships at Intercom. “Through Chat-to-Sign, companies are able to fluidly move from conversation to action and have their customers sign legally binding contracts within seconds! These sorts of high velocity, yet highly personalized, business dealings are the future.”

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The new application is available to all PactSafe customers. By incorporating Chat-to-Sign, PactSafe users can personalize high-velocity contracts for acceptance via electronic signature (esignature), SMS, Slack, Intercom, or embedded click-through contracts in their own website or apps, track and manage consent on privacy-related preferences and publish contracts online for easy review or acceptance all in one platform.

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