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PactSafe is based in Indianapolis, Indiana; which despite the NCAA Final Four arriving in town this weekend, is not the most popular place to be thanks to the actions of some very short sighted people in our state legislature and, of course, our single-term governor Mike Pence. SB101 / RFRA was an ill-conceived piece of unnecessary legislation at best, and at worst it was part of an agenda driven by intolerance - a principle that not a single Hoosier I know adheres to.

I've spent nearly my entire life in Indiana. I left twice for college education, and returned both times to start a family and build multiple business ventures here. I've rarely witnessed acts of discrimination here by businesses, and certainly no more frequently than anywhere else. That's part of why I'm here - and why Pactsafe is here - its a great place to live, with great people, and an awesome place to build a business.

SB101 / RFRA does not represent the people or businesses of Indiana - at least not the ones I know. Its bad for Indiana's people, its reputation and its business community.

PactSafe is opposed to SB101/RFRA and is committed to promoting diversity among our team and our customers. We will never, ever, discriminate against anyone for any reason. Despite this moronic piece of legislation, I'm pretty sure most Indiana businesses feel the same way.


Brian Powers
CEO, PactSafe, Inc.

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