PactSafe and Ironclad: Why We're Better Together

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PactSafe has been acquired by Ironclad and together we are setting a new standard for digital contracting.

Since our founding in 2012, PactSafe’s mission has been to push the limits of contract acceptance velocity and volume. We’ve worked with amazing tech companies, in Indy and across America, as both partners and customers, to enable seamless acceptance of contracts into any workflow. We have always dared to live in the future - to be innovative in our product and approach to the market. 

This is why we are thrilled to announce that we have been acquired by the #1 Contract Lifecycle Management platform for innovative companies, Ironclad, in one of the biggest tech acquisitions in Indianapolis! This is incredibly exciting news for our company, our customers, and the Indy tech scene, and harkens a new era in digital contracting. (Read the press release here.)

What to Expect From Our Combined Solution

Ironclad is the first digital contracting platform (DCP) that helps companies make and manage contracts of all kinds. Combined with PactSafe’s ability to create, distribute, track and audit clickwrap agreements, customers will now be able to track lifecycle and centralize collaboration, while also collecting acceptance with one click.

This means you will now have the power to create and control every type of contract: from complex, heavily negotiated sales agreements to simple, high volume Terms of Service and Non Disclosure Agreements.

Together, Ironclad and PactSafe are revolutionizing the way businesses handle contracts—and we’re just getting started.<p><a

What is Ironclad?

Ironclad leads the digital contracting category and is the #1 contract lifecycle management (CLM) platform for innovative companies. 

Ironclad makes it easy for businesses to create contracts and manage the data within them. Ironclad’s digital contracting platform is the only CLM solution flexible enough to digitize and manage all types of business contracts, from routine order forms, MNDAs, and HR contracts to highly complex  procurement and sales agreements. Digital contracting streamlines the end-to-end contracting process while guaranteeing compliance and unlocking intelligence.

In 2014, Jason Boehmig, CEO, and Cai GoGwilt, CTO, founded Ironclad to combat contracting challenges they ran into as a corporate attorney at Fenwick & West and a software engineer at Palantir Technologies. 

Contracts being the most important unsolved problem in modern business, they built a team of Silicon Valley engineers, lawyers, and legal professionals to create Ironclad—a platform that serves as a central repository for legal information, powered by highly automated workflows to streamline routine transactions. Ironclad is based in San Francisco and continues to be one of the fastest-growing companies in California

Ironclad was recently named a Leader in the Forrester Wave, and has been recognized in the Forrester NowTech, Gartner Cool Vendor, and Aragon Hot Vendor awards. In addition to being “Great Place to Work”-certified, Ironclad has been named a Best Startup Employer and Next Billion-Dollar Startup by Forbes; a Best Medium Workplace, Best Workplace in Technology, and Best Workplace in the Bay Area by Fortune; a Best Workplace for Innovators; and part of the Enterprise Tech 30. 

What Does Ironclad + PactSafe Mean for Digital Contract Management?

Apart, both PactSafe and Ironclad lead innovation in their respective spaces. Together, the companies create new, expansive possibilities for digital contracting, which has become mission-critical for more businesses. With the added functionality of PactSafe’s clickwrap transaction platform, Ironclad now enables digital acceptance of online transactions. Merged, we become the first and only CLM solution to cover all contracting use cases, from highly negotiated, personalized agreements to one click acceptances. 

“We are thrilled to join Ironclad. Ironclad created digital contracting as the new standard, and by becoming a part of the team, we are able to incorporate the velocity of digital acceptance to make the most powerful, single operating system for business contracting,” said Brian Powers, CEO and founder of PactSafe.

As the #1 contract lifecycle management platform for innovative companies and the only clickwrap transaction platform on the market, Ironclad and PactSafe together are setting the standard for digital contracting. 

Learn more about digital contracting here. And check out Ironclad's State of Digital Contracting for the announcement in full. 

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