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Thanks to self-service, there are more opportunities than ever for someone to buy from your business. Whether you need a ride, a new car, a new place to live, or just need to make sure that last paycheck made its way into your bank account, transacting online and self-service eCommerce has never been more popular. 

eBook Download: Enabling Self-Service eCommerce 

Whether B2B or B2C, enterprise or startup, consumers everywhere have been spoiled by instant gratification. Consumers in both spaces want to be able to accept your terms while completing the transaction - without having to go into a different way or on a different page.

Today’s unprecedented need for speed is seeping into strategies that span virtually every industry. And it’s already changing how most companies conduct their business. Even in enterprise businesses, where agreements have historically required lengthy, complicated processes to complete.

Enabling Self-Service Experience for B2B and B2C eCommerce

The modern buying experience comes with expectations of convenient ways to accept online agreements and interact through omnichannel capabilities. And self-service workflows for eCommerce are the solution that can make this a reality.

In fact, 72% of B2B customers desire a self-service option to manage their online purchases. They want an Amazon-like online experience that satisfies their business shopping needs. Beyond delivering a simpler, frictionless exchange, however, self-service models also improve internal efficiency and cross-functional alignment between technology and legal teams.

Not to mention other advantages such as faster onboarding, more legally enforceable contract terms, and a more strategic, focused legal department, too.

Simply put, technical, product, and IT teams have the responsibility to create self-service experiences not just for the external customers, but internal clients as well. Our eBook shows you how to make that a reality. 

In This eBook You Will Learn

This eBook will help you identify which challenges you’re most likely to encounter, how to maximize the impact of self-service across your business, and why it is essential that you enable self-service capabilities across all teams, especially legal. It also provides a framework for rethinking how you approach contract enforceability moving forward.

In this eBook, you will also learn:

  • Why businesses are embracing self-service workflows in 2021
  • How self-service serves your internal and external customers' needs
  • Self-service use cases and benefits
  • How clickwrap and a Clickwrap Transaction Platform can enable self-service experiences in eCommerce.

Download our eBook, Enabling Self-Service eCommerce.

enabling self-service eCommerce for B2B and B2C

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