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PactSafe CPO Eric Prugh: How integrations positively affect your sales cycle

integrations-prughAt Dreamforce 2018, PactSafe CPO Eric Prugh sat with leaders from SaaS companies Sigstr, AskNicely, and DoubleDutch on CloudElements’ #PoweredByIntegration panel to discuss the importance and benefits of integrated products and prioritizing integrations with your product roadmap. This topic was particularly relevant, as here at PactSafe we just announced our exciting new product Chat-to-Sign. Integrating with SaaS tools Slack and Intercom, Chat-to-Sign allows users to create, send, and accept contracts directly through the tools they already exist in daily.

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Here are three key takeaways from Prugh during the panel.

Look at integrations as amplifying the value of your solution

Prugh states that if you can plug in and connect to where your customer already are (i.e., communicating through Slack and Intercom), this can only affect your sales cycle in a positive way. In taking a more productized approach to connect to different systems where your customer already exist digitally, building an approach on how you develop integrations is crucial. Prugh shares that he and his team are building more integrations at a time, keeping them abstract and not specific to the company they are trying to build into. This way, your product roadmap isn’t zeroed in a specific need, but is open to all kinds of unique customer value points

Harmonizing APIs with open connectors: Build integrations that make partners look like champions

Prugh and his team looked at the infrastructure required to build an app framework for what they want to build, and part of that research was also identifying their partners’ goals. The new PactSafe product Chat-to-Sign doesn’t just serve PactSafe’s customers’ needs, but it also amplifies the value of Intercom’s product:

“PactSafe’s Chat-to-Sign is a great example of how Apps in the Intercom Messenger enable companies and their customers to get more done in less time while still maintaining a great customer experience. Through Chat-to-Sign, companies are able to fluidly move from conversation to action and have their customers sign legally binding contracts within seconds! These sorts of high velocity, yet highly personalized, business dealings are the future.” — Jeff Gardner, head of platform partnerships at Intercom

Identify how else can you leverage good relationships with partners you’re integrating with

Prugh isn’t stopping at this initial integration with Intercom. He and his team ask themselves: how do we take that extra 10% of uniqueness from each integration? Prugh advises to challenge yourself to learn how to market your products to different customers’ needs.

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