Hey, Developers! PactSafe just got easier to integrate.


The core of our customer base are developers at companies of all sizes—they are the folks in the trenches writing the code that businesses rely on for all sorts of business purposes. That's why making PactSafe easy to integrate has been a huge focus for us from day one. Today, I'm excited to announce that we've taken huge strides to make those integrations even easier with the launch of our Node.js SDK and Java SDK, an OAuth 2 authorization flow, and the Beta release of our PactSafe for Zapier integration.

The release of these tools allows you and your team to easily plug our solution all across your entire business processes for purposes of integration and authentication. Instead of relying solely on our JavaScript library, you can now pull our Node or Java library off the shelf and integrate into your app experience.

How can I start using the Node and Java SDKs? What's included?

We've released versions 1.0 for both our Node and Java libraries and have also released them as public Github repositories that you can easily clone into your own projects. Node.js and Java are two of the most popular development languages for companies nowadays—and since our product supports all sizes of business (from startups to enterprise), we wanted to cover our bases:

We've included parity with our Activity API as part of the v1.0.0 release of both SDK's. You're able to dynamically load, present, and track acceptance for your Groups stored inside of PactSafe. To get started, all you have to do is grab your Site Access ID located here within your PactSafe account! Don't have an account? Sign up for a free trial:

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There's more! OAuth 2 integration for third party apps

As part of our ongoing efforts to play nice with others, we've released a fully baked OAuth 2 flow that you can incorporate into your own apps (or third party apps like Zapier). To use it, you'll start by logging into PactSafe, going to your profile, and creating a new "Application":


It will follow a standard flow where you can easily define the scope associated with your App's access to PactSafe at the user level:


The following items can be passed in the scope parameter to

  • full: Can perform any action in the app on your behalf.
  • identity: Access to basic profile information.
  • view: Can view contracts, groups, requests, signers, and activity.
  • create: Can create contracts, groups and requests.
  • publish: Can publish contracts and groups.
  • send: Can send contracts on your behalf.

Once authorized, we'll pass a code parameter that you can use to verify authorization into your own app and to generate the access_token you'll be using to pass in the Authorization header (Authorization: Bearer access_token). To read more about how OAuth 2 works, check out the OAuth 2 website or this excellent primer of how OAuth 2 works and how you can integrate it into your own apps.

What's next? Zapier, Slack, and more.

With OAuth 2 in place, we're currently in Beta with a Zapier integration with other integrations like Slack coming into our near-term purview. Want to try out our integration with Zapier? Shoot us a message and we'll invite you as a Beta user of the integration.

What's the use case for Zapier and Slack? Using our integrations with Zapier, you can trigger tons of things to happen when integrating to your own apps or systems. Check out these amazing options for integration in how you can plug PactSafe in to Slack or any other app you use.

  • When a new employee joins a channel, shoot them a link to accept your Employment Agreement or Employee Handbook. See what other HR contracts can be accepted through clickwraps here >
  • PactSafe notifies your #contracts Slack channel when any contract is completely signed. Or when it's sent.
  • When an opportunity enters "Contracts" phase, create a request in PactSafe populating information about the opportunity.
  • When someone signs up for a trial, you can trigger a contract to be sent from PactSafe for a trial agreement. From PactSafe, that would create a request and send a contract (or many contracts) via email to your customer.

Those are just a few examples of how our Zapier and Slack integrations can help streamline your business. We're really excited to share more as we polish these integrations up for general release!

Learn more

Have questions? Contact us using our Live Chat feature in the bottom right of your screen, email us at, or dig around our Developer page to find out how you can plug PactSafe into your existing apps and cloud apps more easily than ever before.

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