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One Less Thing for E-Commerce Developers to Code This Holiday Season

E-COMMERCE DEVELOPERS-.pngFinding a cool tech gift for the developer on your list is hard enough, yet alone figuring out what they want in their world of coding.

At PactSafe, we spend a large amount of our time thinking about this. The fact of the matter is that no matter how cool a software idea is, if implementation is a hassle—developers are not going to be sprinting towards adoption.

See what shortcuts developers were taking last holiday season. 

What Do Developers Want?

With holiday shopping and online transactions increasing year after year, developers are already beginning to evaluate their systems’ success in 2016 and which areas can be improved. Most e-commerce checkout flows aren't secure and few sites adequately prepare themselves for high amounts of online traffic like they should. It takes a lot of work, but it doesn't have to be as difficult as some make it.

In the InfoQueue article, “What do developers want,” we’re told, “Today the API is likely the most important element that will be the measure of your product’s adoption.” When it comes to choosing which APIs PactSafe uses, we think about the ease of use and don’t even bother with clunky products. That’s why we outfitted our developer toolkit, with awesome implementation tools to let you explore our API immediately.

Luckily, using our Rest API, Javascript Library, and SDKs in our developer toolkit will give you one less thing to code in many instances this holiday season.

Getting Started: The  PactSafe Developer Portal

Our developer portal provides detailed guides on getting started with our libraries and API, detailed documentation, an “API Explorer” for testing API calls, and an API access token for users to tinker around with as desired. Whether interested in seeing how a specific API resource will work with what you’re building or duplicating a specific action, our developer portal can help you answer the questions you have without the back and forth of dealing with a support desk.

Test the routes you are anticipating to implement within the application or user flows that you’re building. If you don’t want to build a signature request process from scratch, or forget how, our developer portal allows you to double check what to pass, how to interpret responses, sample code for all sorts of different development stacks, and more.


Server-side SDKs, Node.js and Java, allow you to track events on contracts, updated signers, and allows track from the back end without having to use javascript snippet. Get PactSafe plugged into your app in minutes with these off-the-shelf libraries native to your development stack.

Javascript Library

PactSafe’s JavaScript library gives some love to client side interactions for the front end of web applications. Dynamically loading a group, tracking signers, loading contracts is as easy as plugging in a line of code and getting instant results. Handling your clickwraps agreements embedded into your website application is made easy as well!

We want your PactSafe experience to be seamless and enjoyable from start to finish. From front-end to back-end development, there is no reason getting contracts signed and keeping track of that data should be an egregious process.

It is our goal to help you spend as little time as possible managing contracts. There are so many other areas that need attention within your business, and personal life. We’ve got this one, handled. Let us help and gain some time back to do whatever is on your list this holiday season.

We can give you a customized Clickwrap Health Check. Let's talk!

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