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One Click Contracts: Standard Contractual Clauses

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Each week, PactSafe will discuss and post about specific standardized agreements and how they can be turned into one-click contracts. Last time, we covered Terms and Conditions. This week, we're focusing on Standard Contractual Clauses: what it is, why its typical signing method isn't ideal, and how it can be turned into a one click contract on the PactSafe platform.

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What is a 1-click contract?

A one click contract is like any other contract, but it’s presented in a way that allows the person signing it to do so by simply clicking on it. With very few exceptions, any contract can be signed with a single click on a website, from a phone, in an email — anywhere you meet your customers digitally, you can deliver a 1-click contract.

What are standard contractual clauses?

Standard Contractual Clauses (or SCCs) are standard sets of contractual terms and conditions which the sender and the receiver of personal data both sign up to, aimed at protecting personal data leaving the European Economic Area. These clauses can be included as part of a Data Processing Amendment and they specifically apply to GDPR compliance when the sender or receiver of personal data are located outside of the EU.

Who signs them?

The sender and receiver of personal data. In other words, the two companies who are proposing to do business with one another with one located in the EU and the other outside of the EU.

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How is it typically signed?

Pen and paper or traditional eSignature.

Why is this signing method not ideal?

SCCs can’t be altered (not allowed for GDPR) but it’s becoming common, especially for businesses in the EU, to work with companies outside the EU. It’s a formality for doing business so they need to be distributed and signed quickly.

How to turn Standard Contractual Clauses into a 1-click Contract

How do Standard Contractual Clauses work as a 1-click contract?

1-click contracts allow the contract to remain standardized, which is required for GDPR, while also allowing businesses to easily distribute a DPA and get acceptance from both parties without the friction of older signing methods.

DEMO: What Standardized Contractual Clauses Look Like as a 1-Click Contract in PactSafe

Why do Standard Contractual Clauses work better as a 1-click contract?

It’s increasingly common for companies to develop partnerships with and use products from other businesses that operate on a global scale. This means agreements such as DPAs are becoming common to execute to the point where they’re a formality. Companies need to be able to distribute DPAs quickly so they don’t interrupt business from getting done which makes using a 1-click contract ideal.

Is a 1-click contract legally binding?

1-click contracts are absolutely binding. Also known as “clickwraps,” courts have enforced millions of contracts accepted by a single click. PactSafe’s platform was built to help ensure 1-click contracts are created in compliance with all the best practices established in 1000’s of court cases over the past 20+ years.

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