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One Click Contract: Influencer Agreement

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Each week, PactSafe will discuss and post about specific standardized agreements and how they can be turned into one-click contracts. Last time, we covered Standard Contractual Clauses. This week, we're focusing on Influencer Agreements: what it is, why its typical signing method isn't ideal, and how it can be turned into a one click contract on the PactSafe platform.

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What is a 1-click contract?

A one click contract is like any other contract, but it’s presented in a way that allows the person signing it to do so by simply clicking on it. With very few exceptions, any contract can be signed with a single click on a website, from a phone, in an email — anywhere you meet your customers digitally, you can deliver a 1-click contract.

What is an Influencer Agreement?

An Influencer is someone who has expert knowledge in a field, has a lot of social influence, or has the power to affect purchasing decisions, usually indicated by thousands of followers on a social platform. Marketing teams in companies of all kinds take advantage of their influence by partnering with them to push a product or event to their followers who are also usually part of the company’s target audience.

An Influencer Agreement is a legally binding contract between an organization or marketing team and an influencer. It typically outlines what is expected of the content creator/influencer, the length of their engagement, expected deliverables, how the content will be used, and how the influencer will be paid.

Who signs it?

It is typically signed by the influencer/content creator.

How is it typically signed?

It is typically signed using traditional eSignature methods - namely DocuSign, HelloSign, or AdobeSign. It is also sometimes sent as a PDF over email.

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Why is this signing method not ideal?

Sending these standardized agreements one-off is super manual and a waste of time. The influencer has a lot of influencing to do, and the marketer has lots of leads to qualify. In particular, the influencer might always be on the go, depending on the industry or vertical, and is unable to be by their computer waiting for an email to download a PDF, figure out how to put their signature on it, then send it back. The time it takes to do all this is time that could be spent influencing.

How to turn Influencer Agreement into a 1-click Contract

How does an Influencer Agreement work as a 1-click contract?

Since the agreement is standard and is sent to all the influencers everywhere, it can just be an embedded link sent via email or SMS. There’s no need for signature blocks and can be accepted by lots of influencers working with the marketing team going forward.

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Why does an Influencer Agreement work better as a 1-click contract?

Influencers are very busy people that manage their own content and requests from marketers who want to work with them. There is no time to sit by the computer and wait for an agreement to hit their inbox. Making the influencer agreement a one click contract allows them to accept the agreement wherever they are. And since the agreement is standard, there is no need to capture additional information or negotiate the terms.

Is a 1-click contract legally binding?

1-click contracts are absolutely binding. Also known as “clickwraps,” courts have enforced millions of contracts accepted by a single click. PactSafe’s platform was built to help ensure 1-click contracts are created in compliance with all the best practices established in 1000’s of court cases over the past 20+ years.

DEMO: How an Influencer Agreement Works as a One Click Contract

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For more on the endless possibilities of one click contracts, check out PactSafe's Contactless Contract and Policy Kit.

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