New eBook - Riding the Self-Service Wave: Sales Trends to Track Beyond 2020

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Your business has survived 2020. Now what?

If this year has proven anything, it’s that change is a necessity. The global COVID-19 pandemic has impacted businesses in revolutionary, irreversible ways.

Your technology – and its underlying support infrastructure – wasn’t built with an almost exclusively remote workforce in mind. Today’s employees need a device and software offering that lets them get work done from anywhere at any time.

eBook Download: Riding the Self-Service Wave: Sales Trends to Keep Tracking After 2020

Everything Is or Will Be Digital

Your sales environment can’t rely on human interactions any longer. Face-to-face meetings and weeks-long contract negotiations will slow your business down to a glacially slow pace. Not to mention make more trouble for your bottom line now than ever before, either.

Then there’s your buyers. The soaring popularity of shopping solutions has led to dramatically different expectations – meaning it’s the perfect time to rethink your transaction experience. Consumers have formed a hyper-dependence on digital purchase outlets. You understand that today’s buyers crave a faster, more convenient contract acceptance method wherever possible.

Self-Service Agreements Becoming Even More Necessary

And there’s one tool that can help you take on the challenges of this permanently altered business environment: self-service agreements. By riding the self-service wave and taking advantage of this digital-centric innovation, you’ll be able to:

  • Free your sales team up to accomplish (or even surpass) their 2021 growth goals by making it easy to send out contracts and collect approvals
  • Beat your competition to customer acquisition by reinvigorating revenue models, customer experiences, and digital sales channels
  •  Increase your conversion rate by giving customers an automated path to view terms, make purchases, and accept agreements from the device of their choosing

This year has introduced a variety of never-before-seen challenges into your contracting processes. But riding the self-service wave is your key to turning everything around. By improving your online agreements, incorporating self-service selling, and increasing the volume of your transactions, you can start building out more seamless business processes that appeal to today's consumer.

As more and more transactions migrate toward the online marketplace, a Clickwrap Transaction Platform (CTP) like PactSafe can help you take full advantage of these trends to crush your 2021 sales goals.

In this eBook, You'll Learn

So, how can you experience these advantages while crushing your 2021 business goals? Keep reading, because this eBook will teach you how enabling your contracts for self-service acceptance can keep you on pace and even ahead of the curve in 2021 by:

  • Successfully enabling remote work, especially with your sales team
  • Establish self-service selling to take your business growth to the next level
  • Increasing your transaction volume while remaining secure.

Download our eBook, Riding the Self-Service Wave: Sales Trends to Track Beyond 2020.

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