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Buying online has never been more popular – regardless of who you are, what industry you’re in, or what you sell. Whether it’s the tools you use, your process for finding and retaining talent, how you market your products, or your offering itself, technology is redefining everything that happens across today’s enterprise sales environment.

But that’s not the biggest shift. While digital transformation is happening across virtually every aspect of your organization, there’s something evolving even more rapidly: customer expectations. Now more than ever, your buyers expect a quick, convenient, and personalized online transaction.

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Unfortunately, many organizations have failed to deliver these exceptional experiences thus far because they overlook the most fundamental step in the process: their contracts. While businesses spent  more than $500 billion on digital transformation initiatives last year, pen-and-paper agreements were likely left on the back-burner as an afterthought – slowing down even the most technically savvy new sales processes.

Going forward, clickwrap contracts are critical differentiators for potential customers. But, they’re valuable for everything your business does too. Because digital contracts have evolved into a standalone technology that boosts enterprise efficiency and increases your customer satisfaction.

Ways to Use Clickwrap

A clickwrap agreement simplifies your online shopping experience. Beyond happier buyers, this creates an opportunity to shorten your sales cycle and establish repeatable, scalable, and labor-free (or minimal labor-intensive) deals.

A clickwrap agreement gives your legal team more control. They’re able to create, evolve, and deliver your company’s legal terms without involving the sales team. And, it can be done in a manner that ensures these terms and enforced and successfully protects all parties involved.

A clickwrap agreement eliminates – or at the very least dramatically reduces – the potential for delays. Rather than spending weeks or months on redlining back-and-forth before a deal is accepted, these online terms can be immediately read and accepted. For your sales team, this means the ability to stay focused on finding new opportunities rather than simply closing old ones.

A clickwrap agreement revolutionizes your go-to-market strategy. By implementing new, more convenient ways to purchase your products, you’re able to reach online customers precisely how, when, and where they prefer to buy. And that’s sure to make you available to new markets and audiences moving forward.

A clickwrap agreement accelerates and improves your contract creation process for low-value deals. No longer are you and your team stuck in the tedious, monotonous task of building out each small deal one by one. Technology-driven deals remove the potential for downtime and human errors by giving you the tools to automate low-value agreements and keep your team concentrated on big-dollar deals instead.

New PactSafe eBook: Everything You Need to Know About Clickwrap Agreements

Sounds pretty good, right? Maybe even too good to be true? Well, it’s not. There’s one innovation capable of delivering all of these benefits to your business, and this eBook walks through some of the ways you can do that. A clickwrap agreement can help you move your contract acceptance lifecycle into the future to create seamless digital experiences for your shoppers. And we’re not the only ones who think so.

Aragon Research predicts these next-gen agreements will soon become so mainstream that their providers deserve an entirely new and unique category: Clickwrap Transaction Platforms. And – as one of this space’s leaders – our mission is to help professionals like you understand exactly what a clickwrap agreement is, how you can benefit from these innovations, how your litigation landscape will be impacted after implementation, and everything you can do to ensure your contract terms are successfully enforced going forward.

In this eBook, you will learn:

  • The benefits of clickwrap and how you can use these agreements to get ahead of your competitors
  • Why clickwrap litigation is on the rise and more likely to be enforced than other agreement methods
  • What a Clickwrap Transaction Platform is
  • Which clickwrap agreement best practices to follow

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