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My Time as a PactSafe Xtern


This blog has been more difficult to write than any paper I’ve been assigned at Rose-Hulman. In part, because I’m trying to sum up a few months of experiences in just a few paragraphs - but also because this post marks the end of my internship here at PactSafe. I hope this blog post does my time at this wonderful company justice. Well, here it goes…

I began my software engineering internship hoping to gain experience working in a professional development environment at a startup. PactSafe provided me those opportunities and more. I contributed to the core platform and worked on numerous projects, including a React component library that utilizes facial recognition for contract acceptance... how cool is that!?

One of the most important things I’ll take away from my technical experience here is improved confidence when approaching problems. PactSafe continuously encourages its engineers to experiment with new ideas and innovations. I learned to tackle issues utilizing a myriad of technologies, and discovered I'm capable of not just creating a solution that works, but identifying one that is optimal for the given situation.

Interning at a startup meant developing more than just technical skills; my experience was cross-departmental. I sat in on marketing, sales, customer success and overall business strategies meetings. As I aspire to start my own business someday, the insight I gained into how a real business is run will prove invaluable.

My favorite thing about PactSafe has to be the people and culture. I met everyone on my first day which speaks not only to the team atmosphere, but also how genuinely friendly the employees are. Now ten weeks later I'm excited about the awesome new friendships that I'll take with me as I transition into the workforce. Not only are the people great, but the office space is new, vibrant and innovation is always in the air. Every day was a new adventure more exciting than the last.

As I leave, I want to thank everyone here at PactSafe. You all have made my internship experience so fulfilling. This has been truly amazing and I’ll definitely remember the time we spent together. Go PactSafe!

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