Website Legal Agreements

Managing Your Website Legal Agreements - Stop Bugging Your Developers!

Whether you are website operator, a SaaS business, of just your everyday Internet consumer, you know that from time to time those pesky legal agreements that show up on websites (like Terms of Service, Terms of Use, Privacy Policies...etc) change from time to time. Internet businesses also add products, add new domain names, acquire new websites - each of those instances (and more) can give rise to the creation and deployment of even more website legal agreements.

And every time, that means that your development team gets disrupted from what they should be doing (building, enhancing and supporting your websites and products) to deploy and implement clickwrap and browsewrap agreements. The bigger the organization, the more likely that it is not just the developers being disrupted either. For example, take a look at the diagram below:

Without PactSafe

Yikes! Seems sort of silly doesn't it. The reality is that most organizations are continuing to manage website legal in an inefficient manner, which leads to all sorts of problems:

  • Developers and other team members are distracted from what they should be working on.
  • The lack of systematic deployment can lead to poor/ improper implementation.
  • All of this in turn can lead to problems with enforceability, which defeats the entire purpose of even having these website legal agreements.

This is part of what PactSafe is designed to address:

With PactSafe

With PactSafe, the entire process of deploying and managing website legal agreements is streamlined, and disruption of developers and other in your organization is minimized. Want to learn more - check out - or get in touch with us today!

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