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Making Contracts Integral to the Buying Experience

Making Contracts Integral to the Buying Process-10

Customers everywhere have come to expect seamless self-service experiences. The days of thinking a massive sales team and glitzy outbound marketing are all a business needs to succeed are far behind us, and the 21st Century has ushered in a new era of customer experience. Whether self-service or involving a sales rep, this now includes the sales process. 

Contracts are an essential part of the buying experience. Not only do they govern the relationship between transacting parties, but their seamlessness can determine how fully and how often a customer engages with you. 

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Traditional eSignatures and other traditional contract signing methods lead to delays, deal fatigue, and abandoned carts. There are too many steps involved to complete transactions, and customer in the right now economy is less patient with tedious contract processes. Presenting your terms to customers as digitally native contracts reduces to the time time sign and makes the buying process more seamless.

Using Contracts to Improve Buyer Experience

The digital revolution has made everything move at a faster pace and people have come to expect a simple process in everything they do. Failure to get the deal done in a timely manner increases your risk of missing out on a sale. 

If any part of the buyer experience - navigating the website, finding the product, completing check out - is too cumbersome, the customer will have no problem walking away. This becomes especially crucial towards the end of the buying process; just as quickly as they click "check out," they will abandon cart and search for a product or service elsewhere.

The aim is to provide a frictionless experience to users while also maintaining excellent recordkeeping on the back end and maintaining compliance. In particular, businesses that do a high volume of transactions have an increased risk of litigation over challenges to their online terms. To keep apace with the market and satisfy legal requirements, use clickwrap or embedded signing for your online agreements and self-service experience.

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High Velocity Contract Acceptance

It goes without saying there there is no place for pen and paper contracts in the self-service workflows. The sooner your enterprise embraces the digital transformation of the customer journey, the better able you are to be competitive in the market. Using digitally native contract acceptance methods allows for faster service and allows you to meet customers where they are. You can give your customers the experience that they have come to expect by using clickwrap or embedded signing.

Using a robust clickwrap solution will also allow for internal efficiency across teams. When you make the transformation to self-service contracts, you will make conducting business easier for yourself as well. Most businesses will experience an internal lift in sales and an increased efficiency from their sales team as the entire process becomes more streamlined. 

By enabling high-velocity contract acceptance, you can make your sales team more efficient and make it easier for your team to work with your customers. Your customers in turn will have a more positive experience when interacting with your sales personnel and business alike.

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High-velocity contact acceptance gives your sales team more control and this efficient centralized system can also be made to adhere to any guidelines put forth by your legal team. You can cut down on tedious negotiation by offering templates with pre-negotiated terms. This process has been proven to be a positive experience for vendors and help you maintain compliance.

Use Contracts to Improve Buyer Experience

When customers need to go through a lengthy process just to do business with you, they are often reluctant to proceed or continue with you. Don't let tedious paperwork and complicated contracts hold back your business. Contracts are not just about protecting your business, but the interests of your customers as well. Implement a system for agreement acceptance that cuts through the red tape and allows your customers to work with you and/or your sales team in a fast and efficient way.

By offering your customers a seamless way to accept your agreements, one that allows your legal team to maintain the necessary control, you are improving the buying process and building goodwill towards continued patronage of your business. You will meet your legal requirements, keep your customers happy, and ensure your business remains relevant and competitive.

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