Make eSignatures Feel like a Handshake Instead of a Job Application


People are more likely to read email on their phone, purchase items with one click, and engage with electronic signatures within the application they are already using.  

The reason? There is inherently less friction when you engage people in the context they are already in. Maintaining context also maintains the inertia of the conversation, avoiding detours for you and more tabs, windows, and applications for your customers. Electronic signatures should feel like a handshake instead of an job application.  

As people continue to change the modern environment in which they work, we think electronic signatures should as well. While there will always be people who love signing papers and getting ink on their fingers, signatures should keep up with how technology continues to change how humans communicate.


Powering that transferability between all those different contexts are integrations. Integrations are part of how PactSafe reduces the friction from senders to receivers and maintain the different contexts for each. They give our customers the ability to meet people where they already are, reducing the mental burden of signatures for everyone involved.

Signatures                                                                    PactSafe



Consumers expect the same advances in consumer technology from business technology, so you have to ask:

Why not deliver a contract through your application when people are already on it?

Why not send a signature over text when you’re already texting?

Why not send a contract when you’re already in Salesforce updating the opportunity?

Why can’t your contract feel like a Buy Now button for your organization?


Increasing the ease of doing business has a direct effect on an organization's bottom line, from reducing churn to increasing micro-conversions throughout the sales process. Don’t make the end of the finish line the hardest part of the race. The legalities of life are hard enough, let’s make signatures easy.

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