Letter from the CEO: PactSafe Is Joining Ironclad

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Today, Ironclad announced that they have acquired PactSafe, the only clickwrap transaction platform on the market. Together, we will set the new standard for digital contracting, and we couldn't be more excited!

Back in 2012, clickwrap agreements were already everywhere. You couldn’t do anything online without checking a box or clicking a button to accept a set of legal terms. It was also nearly impossible to prove anyone accepted those terms, nor could you update them without filing a Jira ticket.

So we built the first product/API in the world to power clickwrap agreements, and in the process created an entirely new category of software called the Clickwrap Transaction Platform. We’ve created nearly 500 million clickwrap contracts and processed billions of API calls over the years for our customers, and have seen the adoption of clickwrap for more traditional contracts as more and more businesses move to online, automated business models.

And we did this all with a team of less than 40 in Indianapolis, the city we love. It's been quite the ride thus far. 

Back in the fall of 2020, we were in the final stages of closing a Series B funding round, excited about what the future held, ready to grow our team and take clickwrap mainstream.  

Then Jason Boehmig from Ironclad reached out.  

Over the course of 5 days of Zoom calls, we learned about Ironclad’s vision of transforming business contracts for the digital age, and realized how perfectly aligned that vision is with the future we see for clickwrap. From that point on it was really a no-brainer: it was time to team up.

So today we are officially announcing that Ironclad has acquired PactSafe, and we couldn’t be more excited to join the Ironclad team. Our entire team of 40 has joined Ironclad and Indianapolis will become its third geographic hub, in addition to San Francisco and New York.  

We are also excited about what this means for Indianapolis and its ever-expanding tech ecosystem. Ironclad is one of the premier Bay Area tech startups, and the combined entity creates one of the first unicorn-status tech startups ever with a major presence in Indianapolis. Not only are we keeping our Indy location, but we fully intend to continue expanding Ironclad’s world class team right here in Indy.  

To all of our team members, thank you for all of your truly innovative work over the years. It's not easy creating a category out of thin air, but you did it.

To all of our investors, thank you for your support and belief in our vision and our team. 

To all of our customers, thank you for helping us shape our vision, business, and product.

And to all of our new teammates at Ironclad, we can’t wait to get to work. This is going to be fun!

Read the press release here.

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