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July Release: Filter requests, new signers view, and add images to contracts, and more


This month's release brings tons of amazing updates to improve creating, sending, and finding the contracts you need to track within PactSafe. We've added the ability to filter your signature requests, add images & tables to your contracts, add dynamic values to your clickwrap contracts, customize how you export, and other improvements to your experience.

Your signers, reimagined and unified across all contracts (clickwrap, browsewrap, and sent via email for signature)

Inside of PactSafe, one of the most important elements for proving that your customers accepted or signed your contracts is the legal profile you're building for every acceptance of a contract (especially tracking versions or revisions). That's why we've released a completely reimagined signer screen that gives you so much more insight into:

  • Every single time your contract is accepted or signed.
  • Instant insight (a red or a green dot) into whether or not your signer is on the latest version of a contract.
  • An activity feed showing the series of events over time for each signer.
  • Ability to filter events by signer activity.
  • Easier, faster downloads for every single acceptance/signature at the most granular level.

Get to know our Signers page in this video giving you an overview of how it works and what it looks like:

Find your most important outstanding contracts with request filtering

Trying to track down all your outstanding contracts? With this release, we added the ability to sort your requests by owner (who sent the contract), the status, date sent, and request name.

Add images and tables to your contracts

One of our most requested feature was the ability to add images and manipulate tables from within our editor. Originally, many contracts didn't need tables—but with customers like you sending out order forms along with your terms or who might need to incorporate other info in your contracts that require a table of image, we've made it super easy to add or edit tables.

Add Images

To upload an image into your contract, simple click the new "+" icon in the editor to the right of your editing screen:


Add/Edit Tables

To add or edit tables, you can use the same "+" icon and select the table icon. You're given a lot of options to resize tables, add columns and rows, and edit/delete the table all at once:

Customize Signer & Activity Exports

Now you can easily export the data that you want from PactSafe when you want it. With our new Signers screen mentioned above, you're given immediate access to export all your signers' activity as a CSV. With this release, you can customize the data that you're exporting including any of the additional attributes or custom data you pass along with your calls to PactSafe. Here's an example of how you can export Activity or Signer information:

Wait. There's more?

Of course! We are constantly releasing tweaks and updates to our interface to make life easier based on your feedback! Here's some awesome customer-driven feedback we've received that we've released:

  • We've added an incredible capability for dynamically rendering contracts based upon data passed via our JavaScript library (more to come on this). This allows you to customize the language of an agreement based upon each individual signer (just like a real contract!).
  • We've added the ability to customize the fields shown in a form for a signature request (via our REST API).
  • You can now update the language of your clickwrap agreement in your site Settings or inside any of your clickwrap Groups,
  • We revamped the ability to "Undo" and added a fully featured "Undo" functionality to our editor.
  • You can now resize table columns and rows in the contract editor.
  • We've updated your Contract charts to show "agreed" as green.
  • You can now add a summary of changes and notify previous signers in the new Contract editor when publishing an agreement.

Bug Fixes

  • Pressing Enter inside the last column of a row will now go to the next row or add a new row. Sorry, that was annoying!
  • When a contract is signed via a form, the email sent now comes from your site and not from PactSafe.
  • Many editor fixes related to copying & pasting list items, hitting enter on a blank list item, ability to change font colors, and more.

Let us know what you think in the comments below! We're thrilled with the rate of innovation happening here at PactSafe and have even more cool stuff in the pipe:

  • Support for PDF contracts
  • Support for a real electronic signature in your contracts
  • Ability to customize fields shown in your signature forms
  • Salesforce integration
  • Support for OAuth 2.0 and some exciting integrations!


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