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Innovations In Mobile Technology to Take Advantage Of

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In recent years the number of innovations in mobile technology have skyrocketed. Digital transformation is causing business evolution on an unprecedented scale. Today, the average employee spends more than an hour of their workday using their mobile device – or, more likely, mobile devices.

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And thanks to the global COVID-19 pandemic, this usage has only continued to increase. Especially where online transactions are concerned. Automated customer acquisition tools are forcing major enterprise changes to take place, and your business needs to be aware of these developments.

But simply recognizing that these trends are taking place can’t help you move the needle. You need to know how to leverage modern innovations in mobile technology so that future growth and success can be ensured.

Here are three important mobile-focused digital transformation trends you need to consider for your company:

A New Generation of Innovation: SMS and Mobile-Friendly Contracts

The world is changing. It’s not safe – or business-savvy – to assume your buyers are always sitting in front of a desktop computer. Mobile technology is wildly popular because of the convenience it offers its users. But legacy contracts designed for traditional workflows is counterintuitive to where business is going.

Any unnecessary step that stands between you and your customers creates potential for a transaction that scares them away forever. Because buyers have never been more willing to switch to a competitor that offers more mobile-friendly shopping experiences.

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Contracts built for innovative mobile technologies prioritize speed and ease of execution above all else. The most successful modern sales initiatives know the best time to close a deal is the second someone expresses their interest. So, being able to instantly deliver your contract terms and collect user acceptance via text message or mobile app notification is a huge competitive advantage.

And – while it may not seem so if you’re not already using mobile-friendly agreements – SMS is an incredibly simple way to capture contract acceptance that’s every bit as legally enforceable and binding as an actual signature. By leveraging mobile-friendly contract acceptance methods to solicit real-time buyer responses, you’re able to close sales in seconds and give your customers the quick, easy, and satisfying experience digital transformation has driven them to demand.


In addition to contract acceptance innovations in mobile technology, chat-to-sign is another easy win your business can implement. By integrating mobile-friendly agreements into your business collaboration tools and customer messaging platforms of choice, chat-to-sign gives potential signers the ability to view and accept your deals inside a live chat scenario.

For any business looking to take on digital transformation and modernize its deal acceptance process, chat-to-sign is a great place to start. Once this innovation’s in place, anything from repeat orders to employee documents to legal forms can be sent directly to a signee’s preferred mobile messaging app.

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And this gives your legal terms a highly personalized feel, your business a highly scalable digital sales framework, and your customers a fluid, conversational purchase experience they’re much more likely to repeat.

Digital Transformation Demands Data Privacy

Innovations in mobile technology have made enterprise digital transformation an exciting prospect. Apps and mobile-friendly tech is delivering new ways to improve the customer experience. But they’ve also created new data privacy risks at the same time. The sensitive buyer info today’s devices generate, communicate, and store is growing more valuable by the day – and bad actors are well aware that this is the case.

For you, that means there are an increasing number of data privacy risks to consider. All over the world, regulations like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Privacy Framework, and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) are influencing a new generation of data privacy. As well as a growing need for you to prioritize these individual rights and protections more heavily than ever before. Just look at how Apple is leading the charge for more privacy-friendly mobile developments.

But a four percent loss of total annual revenue isn’t even the worst thing that can happen. Because a failure to protect your users’ data is likely to lead to permanent reputation damage and global loss of trust. And lawmakers are looking for any excuse to make an example out of an organization that isn’t taking mobile data privacy seriously. If you need an example, look no further than Facebook or Google for proof of how damaging this inability can be.

So, how do you ensure a safe, seamless, and satisfying digital customer experience? By building an in-app data privacy center into your enterprise’s mobile technology. That way, your users have insight into how you collect, store, and use their sensitive information; where and for how long you keep/use it; and what to expect should a breach or worst-case scenario happen.

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And – most importantly – what controls they have to take back ownership or take data privacy into their own hands at any time.

Automated Customer Acquisition Through Mobile Technology

Automated customer acquisition is changing. And changing fast. Because73% of current B2B buyers are millennials – and they’re the first to consider innovations in mobile technology as an important part of their customer journey.

That said, digital transformation is causing everyone’s mindset to shift. Most people desire seamless, mobile-friendly transactions that make automated customer acquisition capabilities possible.

There are more channels and ways to reach your buyers than ever. And that means a ton of time and energy is required if you’re trying to navigate these locations. Automate customer acquisition tasks that track important points throughout your mobile device experience can lead to dramatic cost reductions, efficiency gains, and ultimately new customers and revenue gains.

But don’t stop there, because an automation-driven mobile contracting option makes signing and terms acceptance a seconds-long process. And scalable, easily executed transactions are the best way to grow your business as digital transformation continues to trade face-to-face customer interactions for more efficient transactions.

Take Advantage of Innovations In Mobile to Grow Your Business

Now more than ever, innovations in mobile technology can be the key to more customers, more growth, and more company success. If your goal is building better, faster, and easier contracting experiences, download our eBook, Riding the Self-Service Wave to see how mobile technology can positively influence your business.

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