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How to Streamline Your Contract Process and Win More Clients

How to Streamline Your Contract Process and Win More Clients.pngThink about the last time you were presented with a terms of service form, or any other type of online legal agreement. Now answer this question: did you actually read through the whole thing? We're guessing you didn't, and you're not alone. NPR recently conducted a study to look more in depth at typical human behavior when it comes to lengthy legal documents, and found that those who don't read through the full policies aren't the exception, they are the rule. 

No one enjoys writing these legal agreements, and certainly no one enjoys reading them. Wouldn't it be so much better to ditch the pomp and frills that come along with traditional legal documents, and present them in a much more upfront manner? A recent Shopify blogpost outlines how to execute this type of plaintext proposal, and we are really digging the author's approach. He explains that by simplifying the proposal description it ultimately simplifies the customer's decision, which is exactly what we aim for as well. Why overcomplicate a process and introduce undesirable friction when you don't have to?

This is the question that encompasses the core of our Contract Execution Platform. We recognized a need for a seamless execution approach, and evolved to fit that need. "We empower our customers with the ability to contract with their customers when, where, and how they want with a completely frictionless and fluid contract experience," says Brian Powers, Founder and CEO of PactSafe, "Our customers are truly reimagining everything about their contracting processes.”

Overall, the greatest chance of success in any client relationship will result from an efficient and pain-free process, and contract execution is no exception. Read the entire Shopify article here, "The Statement of Work: How to Move Past Proposals and Win More Clients".

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