How to: Gain Customer Acceptance with Click-Through Agreements

How To-.pngBasically every commercial website you stumble upon these days will present you with some form of click-through agreement upon registration. Whether this be creating a new social media account or signing up for a daily newsletter from your favorite website, chances are you will probably have to click some sort of “I Accept” button before continuing on. Clicking that button is just as legally enforceable as putting pen to paper, but it’s a LOT more efficient. Here’s how:

1. It’s faster.

This advantage is pretty self-explanatory, since it only make sense that clicking a button is the fastest way to sign a contract. If you're using a click-through agreement to its full potential, chances are your website's "I Accept" button is well-placed and obvious. Click-through agreements are also very versatile, as they can be used effectively for gaining customer acceptance for Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, Subscription Renewal, and more. 

2. It includes triggered recordkeeping.

The speed of click-through agreements is definitely a huge bonus, but another takes the form of digital recordkeeping.  When a customer signs a contract, a durable electronic record is being made at the same time. This record contains the contract, proof of any authentication measures, a basic signer digital thumbprint, and a time-stamped audit trail of all activity related to a contract and its signers. A digital record of your online agreements keeps both your company and your clients protected.

3. It’s secure.

All information transferred to and from PactSafe is 256-bit SSL encrypted, including usernames and passwords. Our contract execution platform is designed to keep your contracts secure and prevent tampering of your contracts, and your electronic records. 

These are the top three reasons why click-through agreements are superior to the classic "squiggly line" signature. They are just as enforceable, yet the contract execution platform makes them much more powerful. Think outside the PDF!

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