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How to delete words like a Jedi (a May the 4th special)

This is a weekly series to help you get to know your computer better by learning the shortcuts that help you move faster across or within the apps you know and love. It takes practice, but habit forming shortcut usage can add up to days worth of time savings in a year. View my last post here.

Sometimes working with a computer feels like you're fighting the Dark Side. Especially if you continuously keep messing a word up you just can't seem to spell right ... Might make you a little angry...

<PECK PECK PECK PECK PECK PECK> as you smash away at the Delete or Backspace button on your keyboard. There has to be a better way than deleting one letter at a time when you want to revise a sentence or delete a line of text. Fear not! Today's Mac shortcut (also can be done on a PC!) will help you delete entire words or lines of text purely with your mind... Or... a really cool keyboard shortcut. Let's dive in!

May the 4th be with you — I also encourage you to practice deleting text in your various apps and documents by thinking and feeling the light around you and grabbing the nearest light saber. This Mac shortcut (also a PC shortcut) is a great way to save yourself the stress of banging on the keyboard dozens of time to delete a word or line of text. Note: These shortcuts on a PC/Windows computer would generally replace the Option/Alt key with the Control key.

Mac Shortcut: Deleting words instead of letters

To delete an entire word at a time when typing out sentences, all you have to do is hold Option (Alt) + Delete to delete an entire word when you're inside an app:

Delete an entire word with Option (Alt) + Delete


No more pecking away at that Delete key, which no matter how satisfying at the time can cost you valuable time.

That was a quick one this week! We'll be back next week with more shortcuts! Shortcuts and getting to use your keyboard a little bit better can have a big long-term impact on how you work. It also reduces your frustration in getting small tasks done and enhances the relationship between you and the device you use every day at your job. Use shortcuts! 

Have an idea for the next Mac shortcut you want the world to know about? Post about them in the comments and I'll cover it in subsequent week's post. :-)

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