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How to Create a Signer-Friendly Contract Using the PactSafe Contract Editor

After PactSafe becomes a part of your team’s daily routine, like any product, users become accustomed to the features. After creating, editing and signing your first contract in PactSafe, It becomes natural to reimagine contracts with our editor, PDF contract upload, sending contracts, and more. Contracts are amazingly simplified as they fly into your signers’ inboxes for easy agreement acceptance. This is important for your in-house counsel to understand as we've shifted almost completely to online signing. 

As administers of these contracts, here are some steps to ensure that the contents of your contracts are as user-friendly as possible:

Assign Contract Fields

contractfields assign.gif

When sending a Contract, it’s vital that your signers sign in the right place and provide the correct information. This can easily be accomplished by assigning contract fields to your contracts prior to sending. Once you've
added all the fields on your Contract you want to capture from your signer(s), add your Contract to a Request, assign the fields, and send it for Signature. Get the steps here.

Once you've sent your contract, your signer will have an amazing signing flow that works great on mobile. 

Personalize Your Legal Center

Branding legal center.png

Approaching something as binding as an e-signature is only successful if signers feel secure while offering up their personal information throughout the signing process. To ease the tension of online exchange of information,
personalize the branding of your contracts. By using this strategy, your logo, brand colors, and identity will be immediately visible to signers validating the legitimacy of the agreement. Then, when they receive your contract via email, completing the contract will be a no-brainer.

Create a Custom Email Greeting

custom email.png

Contract personalization goes even further when you create a custom greeting for your signers. This greeting will be embedded in the body of your initial contract email where you can reiterate the contents of the agreement and sign your name. Minute touches like this will set the tone for customer acceptance.
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SMS Acceptance


The "Don't call me, just text me" mantra that proves to be a time saver in our day-to-day exchanges is no different when it comes to getting contracts signed. You can now send and get acceptance on requests using text message! You're not dreaming. This PactSafe capability is one of our favorites as it reduces even more of the friction of signing contracts. Add signing contracts to the list of things you can do while lying on the couch. 

The PactSafe team is dedicated to streamlining the acceptance of online signatures. Use these strategies to maximize ease of use for your signers and make sure to contact us with any questions, big or small.

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