How Does Your eSignature Solution Compare to Clickwrap Transaction Platform?

Comparing eSignature to CTP-13

eCommerce is growing. Your buyers’ expectations are evolving. And today’s digital transformation demands a better way to manage your contracts and terms. But if you’re relying on an eSignature solution to get the job done, your work isn’t over.

Far from it, actually. Because in many cases it causes more problems than it solves. And you don’t have to look very far or ask a lot of people to find out why.

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Whether you work in sales, legal, IT, or another department entirely, eSignature isn’t the modern contracting solution you need. And it’s certainly not the one your enterprise operational efficiency deserves. Here’s why:

eSignature Slows Down Sales

To be successful, your sales team must operate like a well-oiled machine. In an increasingly tech-driven sales environment, you can’t afford to slow anything down. Especially an expensive, time-consuming task like contract management. Any misstep or stall can add unnecessary costs into the equation – if it doesn’t jeopardize the deal and cause your customer to go somewhere else entirely.

And while it may appear that eSignature makes your digital contracts more efficient (music to any salesperson’s ears), the truth is that replacing pen-and-paper with PDFs and emails doesn’t relieve your team of many legacy processes that hold deals back. eSignature lacks the ability to empower your sales team – meaning they’re dependent on outside departments who may or may not have their priorities top-of-mind at every stage of every transaction.

Beyond adding endless amounts of stress and frustration into your negotiation, eSignature’s traditional approach creates a second, potentially more devastating cost. It takes hours of every workday away from your sales team’s focus on finding new deals. Instead, they have to hand-hold every customer to get sluggish deals across the finish line.

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eSignature and Ineffective Legal Enforceability

But sales isn’t the only department weighed down by eSignature’s lack of flexibility and speed. The modern legal department is overworked because these experts are often tasked with managing, updating, and ensuring the legal enforceability of every contract term and condition.

And the bigger the enterprise, the higher the volume of transactions taking place. Which makes your job as a legal professional even harder – especially if too many hands are involved in contract creation, review, and approval responsibilities to efficiently get them out the door.

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Plus, contract management is supposed to be a small part of legal’s overall function. It’s not supposed to be something you handle alone. Unfortunately, eSignature (and the legacy processes behind them) strains interdepartmental relationships because everyone is forced to wait through unnecessary steps and unforeseen delays.

Not to mention the worst part: the inability to generate back-end records, reproduce user acceptance events, or manually pull granular audit trails for pending litigation. Leaving your business in serious legal jeopardy whenever contract enforceability comes into question.

eSignature Can’t Keep Up with Online Transactions

eSignature solutions were built to take your contracting into the 21st century. They move your terms from paper to a digital format – and that’s it. They weren’t built with currently available technology or widespread adoption of eCommerce transactions in mind. Despite what so many businesses still think.

A contract management solution that enables your technical team to build a convenient, efficient, and easy-to-use online environment makes your customer experience engaging enough to be successful long-term.

eSignature is in no way equipped to deliver the high-velocity deals your business needs going forward. At least not without sacrificing security, compliance, and some serious technical integrity…

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Ultimately, clickwrap’s primary benefit is clear: this cutting-edge agreement acceptance alternative keep your contracts current, competitive, and compliant. And far, far away from the harm eSignature causes. It delivers the efficiency, convenience, and simplicity you and your team deserves.

In our latest eBook, we highlight the significant differences for various solutions and the efficacy of each for attaining certain outcomes crucial to business. We show you the ways a Clickwrap Transaction Platform can help all departments in your business achieve their goals. 

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