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How does a clickwrap API work?

The complex world of software engineering is a fascinating one. The precision required to build out any feature for an app or website takes an army of developers and a lot of time. When it comes to wanting a clickable agreement on your website and automatic digital recordkeeping, that also has to be built. Don’t want to build it? There’s a clickwrap API for that.

So, how does a clickwrap API work? First, here’s a quick refresher on what a clickwrap is. Luckily, here at PactSafe we know a thing or two about clickwraps- they are those familiar clickable terms of service agreements or privacy policies you’re required to opt into on a website prior to using. Clickwraps are a quick way to give an online company your consent to their terms, but also triggers digital recordkeeping...or at least it should.

With a clickwrap API, there’s no question that it will. An application programming interface (API) details how developers can easily interface with another system to complete any number of tasks, all programmatically and without touching the user interface (UI).

Basically, using any type of API provides access to snippets of code that, when included on your respective pages, magically provides you with pre-built functionality! A clickwrap API is no different.

The below diagram spells out how a clickwrap API can lead you to tracking legal records within your website or app in three easy steps:


Want to dive deeper into how integrating the clickwrap API works? Watch the video!

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