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How Contract Automation Enhances Your Customer Experience

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More and more customers are shopping on the same smartphone they use to do bank and buy books on Amazon. That in-your-hand convenience became mission-critical tech almost overnight. And it is here to stay. Younger consumers and convenience-motivated buyers are increasingly turning to mobile-focused services to get business done.

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Making that happen, however, isn’t always a simple task. Especially if your team depends heavily on manual or eSignature-driven contracts. However, for any motivated team, a Clickwrap Transaction Platform (CTP) can be the answer to standardizing and automating your contracts. 

After all, we’ve helped industry-leading organizations enhance the customer experience and digital transformation across global workforces. And we’ve got a few things that can help your business, too.

Achieve a Better Customer Experience

Sales teams today want to move faster than ever, and using mobile technology is the best way to provide simple customer experiences and speedy digital transformation projects. Having a contract stall out is a nerve-wracking experience. Legal’s manual review takes too long. Departments are forced to wait on one another’s cooperation to move forward. And adding even a single step is likely to scare your customers away.

eSignature doesn’t have the capacity to empower your team or make standard contract automation possible or scalable. A CTP, on the other hand, gives you the toolset to securely manage every aspect of your contract lifecycle. And does so while speeding up sales cycles to achieve a better customer experience and digital transformation going forward.

Plus the ability to:

  • Empower sales to own their deals from start to finish with easy-to-use contract tools
  • Host, deliver, and sign digital NDAs to kickstart conversations without any coding required
  • Build and use pre-populated contract templates connected to your Salesforce account
  • Automate contract creation with dynamic agreement fields
  • Streamline acceptance to deliver premium customer experiences
  • Eliminate all unnecessary steps that slow down contracting and cost you time and money

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But only if your first step is moving as far away from traditional eSignature as possible.

Why eSignature Always Gets in the Way (and What You Can Do to Automate Contracts)

eSignature solutions and PDF-based contract solutions were built to take companies from paper to electronic records. But that’s it. That’s where the digital customer experience and business transformation starts and stops.

They weren’t built for a world that craves more simple, fast, and engaging transactions. Or for a time when deals can be made at any time, from anywhere, on any device. Companies like Uber and Amazon have used clickwrap to redefine what it means to be mobile-first.

And a CTP can deliver many of the same advantages. Beyond a better customer experience and digital transformation initiative, a visible, easy-to-use contract automation platform helps you:

  • Embed agreements with automated site and app tracking
  • Empower self-service tools with online forms and dynamic contracting capabilities
  • Eliminate rigid PDF workflows and manual terms management tasks
  • Adopt mobile-friendly workflows and responsive contract design
  • Embrace standard contract automation and a greater level of business efficiency

And there’s a ton of potential for automated agreements that work in today’s non-PDF workflows. Product team agreements eligible for standard contract automation through a CTP include trial license requests, EULAs, technology services agreements, and more. 

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How Chowly Makes Sales Contract Automation Possible

Chowly is a software company aiming to bridge the gap between point of sale and a third-party online ordering service at restaurants. Think DoorDash or UberEats. Chowly sells its software to busy restaurant managers who are on the go and don’t have time for sales pitches or lengthy agreement processes.

After losing too many buyers to a burdensome digital purchasing process, the company determined it a need for more efficient contract delivery. There was value in the market and plenty of interest, too – the trouble came when closing deals proved to be increasingly problematic.

Today, Chowly’s contracts are a completely different story thanks to CTP. Its agreement practices are centrally executed from one platform that’s seamlessly integrated with Salesforce to ensure standardized deals. Mobile-responsive clickwrap is helping them reach merchants on the move, and recently delivered a 22% uptick in new business won compared to the year before.

What kind of results can a CTP help you deliver?

To maximize the conversions of your mobile-centric customers, standard contract automation needs to help shoppers make faster, easier, and more informed purchase decisions. The mobile experience of eSignature and viewing a PDF is terrible – and your business deserves better.

Download our comparison chart guide to see how CTP can help you achieve your goals as a department or entire business. 

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