How can clickwraps help your business?

Knowing what clickwrap and browsewrap agreements are and how they function is a step in the right direction when it comes to wrapping your mind around one-click agreements. Understanding why those agreements can benefit your business, though? That requires digging a little deeper.

Clickwraps can function on your website when it comes to enforcing your online terms, but also serve as a contracting tool and the easiest way to sign. If you don’t think clicking-to-sign is worth your time, check out this case and the reality of how words really can go a long way.

Find out how these agreements do a lot more for your business than simply helping you cover your legal basesSign in one click

To review:

Clickwrap agreements— require a user to check a box or click an icon to signify agreement with the terms.

Browsewrap agreements— are often unenforceable because there is no way to prove that the user knew the terms existed or even was aware of the hyperlink where the terms are presented to users in a hyperlink somewhere on a website, usually at the very bottom of a home page in small font—

Clickwraps on Websites:

  • Can be used to get website users to assent to terms of service, terms of use, and more when prompted to check a box or click to signify they agree.

Clickwraps for Business:

  • Can be used via mobile, tablet, or laptop to close deals or sign and renew any contracts.

Accelerate Business

Whether on your website or in person, one-click signatures allow your sales team to get to a “yes” from customers quicker than any other type of agreement. The easier it is for a customer to say yes to your service, the quicker they can move onto actually utilizing your business!

Improve Organization

If you’re using click-to-sign technology like PactSafe’s Signature Acceleration Platform, the number of signatures you gain from customers is easily tracked. Within seconds of signing a contract with click-to-accept technology, a digital record is created verifying the contract version, completion date, and signer identification. Digital recordkeeping makes this information readily available any time any place—no need to worry about searching the office for the paper file!

See how Formstack improved their organization this exact way!

Eliminate Legal Issues

If ever a dispute lands you in court, these web forms are a legal way of gaining assent from your users. Better than a legal form, however, is the record that the form was completed. Uphold that in court, and you’ve completely covered all of the legal bases your company needs to in order to honor contract law. The automated digital record that comes after completing a click-to-sign web form is golden here.

Keep Business

Automated digital recordkeeping does even more than verifying the details of every single one of your signatures--it also notifies customers when the contract is close to expiration. This way, instead of embarking on an in-person trip to renew the contract (which, of course, is sometimes necessary) the contract can be renewed in a matter of seconds with a single click. If your customer is already satisfied and has no changes to make for doing business in the following year, this is a great renewal strategy! You maintain business while also saving lots of time.

Using these clickable agreements is more than utilizing a tool; it is a sleeker, more efficient way of getting your everyday tasks completed.

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