Four B2B Companies You Wouldn't Know Have E-Commerce

These_companies_have_e-commerce--.pngAccording to Forrester, the 2019 B2B e-commerce market’s worth is estimated at $1.1T compared to
the B2C market at $480B. This study showed that the two industries generating the majority of market growth are manufacturers and wholesalers. But we know that it doesn’t stop there. Business models are being poked and prodded as distribution channels evolve and pricing becomes even more dynamic. So yes, B2B e-commerce is everywhere; even places you wouldn’t think to look. 

Here is a list of companies that use e-commerce without the majority of people even realizing it.

The Boeing Co.

The casual distributor of airplanes, rockets, and satellites - those of us not named Elon Musk typically wouldn't have a personal use for Boeing in our everyday lives. Come to find out, is the company’s 16-year-old e-commerce portal for purchasing airplane parts. Over 500,000 customers use this portal monthly to research technical data for maintenance flight operations, but its main users are airline carriers, private carriers, their suppliers, cargo carriers, government agencies, and others. So yes, The Boeing Co. does have e-commerce...over $10B worth in sales.

Arrow Electronics

This global electronic components distributor provides companies with over 185 million products from microcontrollers to encoders to programmable devices. Purchasing from Arrow is usually only a concern of manufacturers, industrial users, and enterprise companies. However, their overstock e-commerce site,, is designed to appeal to individual buyers. They market to “the innovator, tinkerer or academic working on an individual engineering product” which brought them a modest $3.2B in sales during 2015.     


Medicines and vaccines aren't our go-to example for an e-commerce company, but here we are with Pfizer who earned nearly $6B in annual e-commerce sales. Companies purchasing meds and such for wholesalers can purchase through, and vendors can even track their invoices through an accounts payable portal. A few years back, Pfizer also launched Viagra home delivery to prescribed patients to help eliminate distribution of counterfeit versions of this med. Not only does Pfizer have their hand in several e-commerce pots, but we’ve also identified the Uber for Viagra. Finally!

The Kraft Heinz Co.

Kraft Mac n cheese is a child’s weeknight dinner gold and Easy Mac got most people through college. Heinz Ketchup is legendary - even the characters from newly released Queen of Katwe had a scene toasting Ketchup and all of its glory. Not to mention, Kraft Heinz Co. owns many other well-known brands like Maxwell House, Jell-O, Capri Sun, and Weight Watchers. It’s easy to think about purchasing these products at a store, but Heinz actually goes a bit further. Their site, provides products to food services enabling registered members of their KraftWorks program to place orders and access multiple business tools. They had 12% growth and $2B in e-commerce sales over the last year.

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